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3D Printing is affordable! After a long wait, I got myself a 3D printer - Creality Ender 3v2 which is a perfect device to start the adventures in additive manufacturing. Soon after, I found myself working in Fusion360, upgrading hardware and compiling firmware to make the 3d printer tailored to my needs. All this helped me secured a job as a robotics engineer.

3D Printers
3D printers and tools reviewed


Creality LD-002H: SLA is about Perseverance

SLA is all about Perseverance, I'm getting better at resin printing thanks to Creality LD-002H. To showcase is, I made my own Mars landing.

3D Upgrades
Upgrade your 3D printer

Watercooling 3D printers? BIQU H2O extruder kit

Thanks you BIQU H2O you can water-cool your 3D printer. Should you? Check it out!

Best smart filament storage system

Keep track of your spools, filament length and container humidity with Smart Filament Storage. Comes with Qoctoprint and Spool Manager integration.

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3D Designs
Various designes and models

USBerry PI -USB Raspberry Pi Zero on the go!

Perfect Raspberry Pi gift to anyone passionate about making

Is Aldi’s £300 3D Printer any good?

Aldi for all your 3D printing pleasures.

My own Perseverance landing – behind the scenes

Printing it until you make it. How I filmed my own Perseverance landing on Mars

Octolapses using Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

Octolapsing with Raspberry Pi HQ camera and new lenses. How good are 3D printing timelapses?

Creality Ender 3 – 2nd upgrade

Many tutorials tell you how to hook up Octopie to printer's power supply. I'm not a big fan of this solution. I want my Octoprint server to be available all the time without adding extra plugs.

PLA Filament

ABS Filament

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TPE Filament

Nylon Filament

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