Contact and business inquiries

I’m Mat Zolnierczyk, the owner of NotEnoughTech. Apart from this website and the YouTube channel, I do freelance work as an editor for:

If you would like me to share my opinion on a product, service or software with my readers, please get in touch. I’m based in the United Kingdom.

I’m happy to cover a broad selection of topics connected to home automation, DIY projects, apps, and gadgets. The formats include:

  • reviews
  • tutorials
  • DIY projects
  • live-streams

My work focuses on reviews and Tasker automation. As the name suggests, we aim at smaller devices and computers but given an interesting opportunity, I’m happy to cover other items. The editor’s reviews are usually kept within 1000 or so words.

I write about Tasker and compatible with it applications and devices. If you wish your device featured in my write ups, the device has to provide an interesting compatibility with the Tasker environment. I don’t cover any other topics at this moment for this domain.

Please be advised, that all the I reserve the right to honest critique in my reviews.  Consider the product’s strengths and weakness before submission.

Alternatively, you can sponsor a project or a video featuring your product/service.

About the audience

My readers are interested in home automation, gadgets (mobile and computer hardware), and DIY projects. My blog attracts 100k/month visits and this number is growing steadily. The has 150k/month and has the biggest, but undisclosed to me, following.