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Putting AutoTools pie chart to a good use – SSID logger

For a long time, Tasker GUI options were very limited. All we had to display options and values were the deeply flawed scenes. This...

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Emulating sunsets and sunrises with Tasker and Yeelight

It's getting darker and gloomier here in the northern hemisphere, especially in the UK where the natural light is out past 6 pm. Since...

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Tasker: Set USB for file transfer automatically

I have been shooting more and more videos with my Pixel 3 recently which means that all these files have to go somewhere. I...

Tasker: Having fun with Tasker Post-It notes

I love creating little projects that aren't solving any problems but work well as great tutorials. AutoTools Web screens just got updated with Post-It...

Google Call/SMS policies – change of “artificial” hearts?

Considering how YouTube is striking videos off the monetization list right left and centre, I'm fully inclined to believe that the company is run...