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Tasker – timers, how to do this correctly.

Yes, there is a Wait and Wait Until action available already, and you can get away using this for a while. Unlike before, these...

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How to use Raspberry PI as WOL (wake on lan) server

Having your PC wired comes with many benefits, one of which is having the WOL functionality. Waking your computer remotely can be a great...

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Tasker: Set USB for file transfer automatically

I have been shooting more and more videos with my Pixel 3 recently which means that all these files have to go somewhere. I...

Tasker: Having fun with Tasker Post-It notes

I love creating little projects that aren't solving any problems but work well as great tutorials. AutoTools Web screens just got updated with Post-It...

Google Call/SMS policies – change of “artificial” hearts?

Considering how YouTube is striking videos off the monetization list right left and centre, I'm fully inclined to believe that the company is run...