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Home profile in Tasker – solving problems

Home profile One of the most popular questions I come across on forums and my Youtube channel is how to make the home profile in...

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The Minimal & Elegant giveaway WINNERS

Hey, folks. If you missed my 1st live stream you can watch the entire thing in this link. It takes you through the process of...

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Get WhatsApp voice notifications & translations in native languages with Tasker

If you are fortunate enough to be bilingual, you'll quickly understand the shortcomings of Android OS (others too) when it comes to speech. True,...

A better way to store Tasker credentials

I do Tasker tutorials, I also share the files for you to download. This means I have to be very careful what information I...

Annoyed with dozens of AutoApps populating your app drawer? Here is...

If your love for Tasker is as big as mine, you have the AutoApps subscription, and the access to each AutoApps plugin ever developed!...