Win AWEI T10C Wireless Earbuds

Win AWEI T10C Wireless Earbuds with NotEnoughTech

11:11 with Gearbest

It's time for the annual sale: 11:11 with GearBest

Launching Community Reviews

Up until now, products for reviews has been mostly picked by me. Whether I buy the gadget or one is provided to...

One more way to get Tasker: Google Play Pass

Now you can access Tasker as part of Google Play Pass subscription

Banggood 13th Anniversary: Save Tons With Our $10000 Bonuses

I thought I would give you a heads up. Banggood 13th Anniversary is coming up (27 Aug - 18 Sept) and I received a...


NotEnoughTech is splashing out big bucks on some seriously advanced tech.

Eben Upton talks about Raspberry Pi 4, space, but definitely not...

I'm got a chance to ask a couple of questions the man behind RaspberryPi - Eben Upton.

Raspberry Pi 4 – and 1Gbit YEAH!

I do not know how did I miss this but, we have a launch of the Raspberry Pi 4! Yes you are...

Gearbest mid-year sale!

Gearbest sale is starting soon - here is the preview of what deals will be available.

Slow NAS write speeds: OrangePi 3, Ubuntu Server 16.04, Samba and...

Exceptionally slow NAS writes to an SSD