Talking to Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

The Black Fridays Deals started earlier than ever in the UK. I opened the to see what's going on - online window shopping...

iClever Dual 10W Driver Portable Bluetooth Speaker – review

Why would one need a Bluetooth speaker I had no need...

Pixel 3 review: Going from Pixel to Pixel 3

It's my first phone review, so fasten your seatbelts, turn up...

I love it!reviews
Seriously good gadgets

I like it!reviews
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In case RF433 isn’t going away – Sonoff RF bridge

Turn RF433 Sonoff devices into IoT smart gadgets with Sonoff RF bridge

Don’t tell your boss you got Xiaomi MiiiW

Xiaomi XiiiW Keyboard comes with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and is able to switch the inputs under 2 sec.

Sonoff D1 Dimmer – an improved design?

I'm playing with Sonoff D1 dimmer. A new product from ITEAD team to toggle and dim your lights on request

Sonoff IP Camera (GK-200MP2-B) – but can you flash it with...

Sonoff IP Camera - yes, not a switch, not a socket but RTSP enabled IP camera under $30

Look, no wires – Xiaomi 10.000mAh power bank with QC 3.0

Xiaomi 10000mAh power bank comes with 10W wireless charging and Quick Charge 3.0

Extra Oomph with Tronsmart T6 Plus Speaker

Tronsmart T6 Plus offers excellent bass for even the most upbeat tracks!