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Keeping love affairs safe with Tasker?


I don’t think anyone of us likes to share our phones with others. Your unlocked mobile in someone else’s hands leaves you terrified and vulnerable. What if I told you, you could lend the phone to others knowing that your secret pictures of elbows and long rants about your boss are totally safe from even the most curious eyes? All that with a single tap of the finger. I’m going to tell you how to protect your secrets with Tasker and AutoTools with a single tap.

That’s an elbow! Just to be clear

This profile has been inspired by my older creation – App Lock which sadly is no longer a working solution for Android 7 & 8 due to app folder encryption changes. Fortunately, AutoTools comes with an option to disable apps (including system apps) if you have access to a rooted device.

Bear in mind, doing so will remove the apps from the Home screen or folders. Your files will be also accessible through other apps: if you disable Photos apps, you can still see the pictures using Camera’s picture preview.

Legit, but also morally dubious

I’m writing this while scratching my head, as I accidentally figured out that this profile has a very sinister use as well. Tasker gives you an ability to “remove” the apps from your phone without any notification at all. You could remove unwanted evidence from your phone with a fingertip while handing over your phone to your partner, without them noticing you have done so. While all apps are frozen, there is no risk of notifications (SMS are excluded from this). I do not endorse this use, it’s your life I’m not going to tell you how to live it.

For the virality sake, I will cover both ways of setting this up. Just don’t blame me, I’m here for the clicks and ad revenue 🙂

The legit way

The legit way assumes you want to have a little bit of security and some user interface letting you to know that some apps are not enabled. If you are looking for a very discrete way of locking apps out, check the other approach. I promise I won’t judge!

In both cases, the main action is the same – AutoTools Root: Settings – Enable/Disable Apps. In this instance, I’m using a shortcut to the task (add icon to the task to use it), which is placed on the Home screen. The task itself will toggle the apps, and display a relevant notification as well. After some testing, I discover that combination of haptic feedback, a toast and not prioritised notification works best. In my example, I’m disabling the WhatsApp and Photos App (one Store app and one system app).

Hide Apps 
	A1: Vibrate Pattern [ Pattern:100,100 ] 
	A2: AutoTools Root Add-on Settings 
            [ Configuration:Apps: com.google.android.apps.photos,com.whatsapp.w4b
            Toggle: Toggle Timeout (Seconds):60 ] 
	A3: Variable Add [ Name:%AppCount Value:1 Wrap Around:2 ] 
	A4: Notify [ Title:Enabled Text: Icon:mw_action_pan_tool Number:0 
            Permanent:Off Priority:5 ] 
            If [ %AppCount ~ 1 ]
	A5: Notify Cancel [ Title:Enabled Warn Not Exist:Off ] 
            If [ %AppCount ~ 0 ]
	A6: Flash [ Text:Done Long:Off ] 

Vibration Pattern is set to 100,100
I’m wrapping around 2 so the variable %AppCount value was set to 0 or 1
Notification is created with the lowest priority which is set when the %AppCount is 1 (you have to sync the value in the Var tab and set the correct value)
Cancelling the notification above when the %AppCount is 0
Toast to give you a visual feedback too

Obviously, feel free to adjust the haptic feedback, sounds and other notifications settings to your liking. This is a toggle behaviour so when the shortcut is pressed, it will set the profile to the opposite state.

Tasker Profile for cheaters aka “Affair M8”

The Affair Mate assumes that you got caught in the act, and you want to quickly remove uncomfortable apps from the list of the apps. You won’t get any notification and you will be able to do this without raising suspicion.

I’m using a fingerprint reader to activate the profile when the Pixel Launcher (my default launcher) is open. If you are not able to select the launcher app as one of the applications, you can invert selection and select all installed apps instead. This will replicate the behaviour too.

I’m using a Fingerprint app setup from my Context Aware Fingerprint Profile – so I could assign a custom action based on a variable %FingerScanned.

Profile: Affair Mate 
	State: Variable Value  [ %FingerScanned ~ 1 ]
	Application: Pixel Launcher, App/Services
Enter: Affair Mate 
	A1: AutoTools Root Add-on Settings 
            [ Configuration:Apps: com.google.android.apps.photos,com.whatsapp.w4b
            Toggle: Toggle Timeout (Seconds):60 ]

I removed all actions from the Affair Mate task. We don’t want any notifications. You will probably need the root access toast removed as well from Magisk app or whatever you use to grant the root access. For your own safety, add a Vibrate Pattern so you would know that the task has been executed and it’s safe to hand the phone over. If you get caught, don’t blame me. Blame your life choices.


I really hope that you all came here for the legit cases use. If your main purpose is to cover up your affair, you can redeem your sins by pressing the donation button below. It worked in the middle ages (buying absolution with money) I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work now! I’m kidding, the donations and Patreon support is welcome regardless 🙂

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