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Tasky: Tasker automation for absolute beginners

A new way of getting automation on your Android phone

Tasker can be as complicated and complex as you want it to be. Even after many years of using it, I still find new things to discover and learn about my favourite Android automation app. It is also extremely daunting for beginners. That is about to change with the introduction of Tasky – a Tasker “lite” mode that aims to bring exciting automation for absolute beginners.

What’s Tasky

Splash screen after 1st installation

Instead of using Tasker in the normal mode, designed for people with a bit of know-how (preferably got from watching my excellent Tasker for beginners video), Tasky brings a new take on easing new users into Tasker automation. Tasky is a beginner mode, which you can select when you are installing Tasker for the first time, and switch back to the regular mode when you are ready.

Instead of the complex automation interface of Tasker, Tasky brings a simple card menu from TaskerNET with carefully crafted automation scenarios to try and modify. That way, anyone new to Tasker can execute automation policies with almost zero knowledge of Tasker.

For now, these scenarios are hand-picked by Joao Dias (Tasker developer) and using these is as simple as selecting a card, enabling the automation with a toggle switch and sometimes modifying a setting or two to tailor it to your personal taste. Once enabled, Tasky will handle the automation for you.

If the selection of Tasky scenarios from TaskerNet isn’t enough, you can switch back to the regular Tasker interface and create your own automation from scratch.

The future of Tasky

Joao said that right now, he’s collecting the feedback, fixing bugs etc. At the moment, only certain projects shared on TaskerNet can be edited in Tasky, some will require users to switch back to the normal Tasker interface to customise them.

I hope to see dedicated info and options enabling passionate users to make projects fully compatible with the Tasky interface, so new users could give it a go without being scared away by the Tasker’s interface. Until then, if you need a guide to Tasker, I have you covered with my beginners series. As usual, let me know your thoughts and comments in this Reddit thread.

Tasky is available in the Beta release of Tasker via Google Playstore. Got comments or suggestions? Feel free to leave it in this Reddit thread.


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