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Banggood & AliExpress 11:11 deals with NotEnoughTech

Shopping time!

People in love have their commercialised Valentines day to spend all their money on, and thanks to “single’s day” everyone else can indulge in sales way before that, possibly scoring some stuff during online sales. 11.11 is referred to as “single’s day” in China thanks to the presence of digit 1 – and had been artificially created to boost sales by Chinese giant – Alibaba (more known to the westerners as AliExpress). So let’s dive in and see what my favourite eastern outlets have in store this time!

Best 11:11 deals (or just interesting items)

I’ll check both outlets: AliExpress and Banggood for the most interesting items and add it to the list on here. I’m also hosting a live stream for Banggood on Black Friday, so look out for that announcement if you would like to see, what’s so fun about RC toys and why they are more than just toys.

Anyhow, let’s start browsing:

11:11 on AliExpress

Let’s start with all the wonderful and embarrassing stuff that I wishlisted for reasons unknown to me. They may have little relevance to the theme of the website, but you should be 100% aware of their existence.

Right now on my wishlist

  1. Turning neborns into Baby Yodas – this is beyond cute, and I don’t even have kids! Perfect gift for StarWars obsessed parents. Not sure if babies in question will speak to you when they grow up – £11.32
  2. Marble Machine Madness – another item of little revelance, but pure awesomness. Complex, DIY and probably fun to watch – it could be a perfect introduction into mechanics. I have a weakness for contraptions – £32.49
  3. Motorised Slider – it’s great if you are into videomaking. It’s been on my list forever, but always in the prohibitive price range, but now, you can grab one for a really low price, prefereably to go with a motorised head too, or go all in and pick a DSLR gimbal with a focus kit from Feiyu£69.51

Enough with wishlists, time to look at the deals!

Deals to pay attention to!

  1. Xiaomi Mi11 (review) is an absolute beast! But if splashing out isn’t your thing Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite could be the next best thing priced at £233.40 during sales
  2. MiniWare ES121 (review) is great, but also pricy. Xiaomi recently released a buffed up version of a Wowstick (review), the Xiaomi Mija 2 screwdriver and you should really consider these as they are great to use. £29.99
  3. I own one Xiaomi projector, and it’s brilliant, but I’d pick a brighter one now, so I can enjoy the day viewing. This is probably the better upgrade and unlike mine, it comes with Google services – £547
  4. My smart heating enters v4 this year and this is the year it should be connected to individually controlled TVRs, you can grab Zigbee versions as well and follow the process along, they have a great price – £12.90 each
  5. Zemismart is still controlling my curtains, but if yours are mounted on a pole, you can either go for a SwitchBot Curtain or this Zigbee Motorized Pole from Zemismart that will solve the issue for you – automating your windows is definietly worth it – start from bedroom or livingroom – £100.11
  6. this is one of the best chargers you can currently buy. I’m yet to review it, but trust me, if you go places, have USB-C laptops (or want to convert it yourself) this charger is a beast that can support 2 laptops and 2 phones at max charging speeds – £39.96
  7. Moes also have great e-ink display temperature, humidity and luminosity sensors that use Zigbee and Bluetooth to talk to the hub or coordinator of your choice. You should consider them too – £11.44
  8. Lastly, for 3D printing fans, BigTreeTech also have cool promotions including this latest motherboard for Ender3 series. A great little upgrade for your machine. Check out my upgrades to Ender 3 printers. £35.40

11:11 on Banggood

In the same manner, let’s look at my wishlist items from Banggood. These are often waiting for a bit more wallet-friendly price, a better timing or an actual need that I have to fulfil.


  1. A 4K projector is on my list, and with these dipping under £2000 from time to time, feels compelling. I’m yet to decide if it’s worth splashing out for a laser one, but one can dream about the proper 4K cinema at home! £2227
  2. This SMD DIY kit is pretty cool and opens up to modifications. Right now it is restocking but put a order through if you are keen on learning how to solder SMD components and end up with a fantastic looking clock/LED matrix – £40.99
  3. No wishlist is complete without a tank! Why? Why not, especially that these come with working gun and a battle system that let you shoot each other! It’s a crazy idea, but I’d like to film some tank battles between makers to claim superiority!! £334.99
  4. I also have this 3in1 3Dprinter, CNC and engraver. I really wonder how good it is. Not that I need one right now as I have Ender 3, Ender 3v2 and Ortur Engraver, but its on my list anyway. $529

But lists aside let’s check the actual sales and see what fun things we can dig out at a decent price. I’m already getting FPV Goggles, FPV Drone and RC Car for my RC themed Black Friday live stream, so I won’t list these here.

Best Deals on Banggood

  1. The creality latest coreXY 3D printer is on sale as well. It’s still pricy but it looks like the kit might be worth the price. In case you need something cheaper to get started, you can also take a look at the Ender 3v2 and Ender 3 which both come in under £200 price! – $765
  2. Soundbar – unimpressive on the outside, but really complements the home cinema. I will review this at some poing but for that much money, it’s one of the best bars you could have at home. It’s loud, rich in sound without being overvearing – $79.99
  3. OcleanX toothbrush would probably never made the review list, but I got one, and it’s absolutely brilliant. It lasts 100+days on a single charge and makes my teeth actually whiter! It comes at much lower price than I got it for – $56.99
  4. I have 2 Xiaomi vacuums one like this and one with a mop and I would really recommend this one as it’s inexpenisve and will save you a lot of time. $265.99
  5. This is one of more interesting lights. LED panel with CT at the bottom and RGB backlight that creates the mood lighting. Check it out – $225
  6. LiLyGO has a sale as well and these cute e-ink units come with ESP32 board to try it with – prefect for automation and projects. $20.99
  7. No sale is complete without me recommending M5Stack products – there is a watch/wearable kit for sale which features really cool M5Stick C which I covered in the past – $32.99
  8. lastly treat yourself to a comfy chair and get a monitor stand while you at it, as you only have one spine. After my back injury, I cannot overstate how important these are. $119.99

Final thoughts

If you don’t have a shopping budget right now, don’t worry sales will return for Xmas and New Year and you will have one more opportunity to give it a go this year! Take my advice and wishlist things you like, as often you get extra notifications when these plunge lower than expected. Most of all, do take my mum’s advice and try not to spend all at once! Got cool deals kicking around? Share them in this Reddit thread.

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