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yeedi got better just in time for Prime Days

That update was very much needed.

Having reviewed more than a couple of smart vacuums, I have a pretty good idea of which features most of you would appreciate the most. With Amazon Prime deals around the corner, I thought I’d share some updates from the yeedi ecosystem and help you make your mind up about which vacuum is for you.

Better yeedi: much-needed updates

In all my yeedi reviews, I outlined one shortcoming of the ecosystem – inconsistent mapping. The vacuums were capable of cleaning the surfaces just fine, but the maps generated by the app were far from representative of what my house layout really looks like. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me (in fact I still use yeedi 2in1 cleaner downstairs) but made certain smart options (like selected room cleaning) a nightmare to deal with.

yeedi has rolled out updates to their app and subsequent firmware patches that aim to correct the accuracy of the maps and the ability to store multiple maps (alongside other bug fixes). I went through the process and created the new map of my house, curious to see if the changes are significant. I’m pleased to report that the new updates map the surface accurately. Now the room layouts are true and I can finally divide the area into correct rooms without the worry of overlaps.

If mapping capabilities were stopping you before, now it’s a great time to re-evaluate the products from yeedi and give them another browse.

Amazon Prime Deals & what to shop for

The company also want me to mention their deals for Prime Day. If you are shopping for a new smart vacuum expect really nice discounts not just on Prime Day itself, but in the lead-in as well. Before I tell you more about discounts, let me share my thoughts on what devices would match your floor type:

All carpets

yeedi vac hybrid, yeedi vac max

Anyone with carpets all around the house can start their smart cleaning with yeedi hybrid or max. They will tackle rugs nicely leaving clean surfaces. Max comes with increased suction – a better choice for carpets with longer strands (or dirtier areas) and both units can be upgraded with a self-emptying station.

Families with kids should also consider yeedi vac 2 pro, which will avoid things left on the floor instead of bumping into them. This should significantly reduce the number of missing LEGO pieces in your sets and socks jammed into a brush.

Mixed floors

yeedi vac max, yeedi vac 2 pro

Mixed floors are probably the most common type and you should look at the offerings that already come with a mop built-in. Both yeedi vac max and yeedi vac 2 pro offer great sucking performance and mopping – especially the pro with oscillating mop.

These units can be upgraded with a self-emptying mopping station if you are sick of emptying dust bins frequently.

Mostly hard floors

yeedi vac 2 pro, yeedi mop station,

yeedi promised me a review unit of the yeedi mop station, but after seeing the performance of the yeedi vac 2 pro with oscillating mop – I have no doubts that both cleaners will be able to tackle even the most annoying stains.

The mop station promises mop cleaning and drying and resupplying the vacuum with fresh water. It’s an excellent choice for someone with a large surface area covered with hard floors. I only wish this vac came with obstacle avoidance. I don’t want to think what would happen if the vac comes in contact with the pet’s faeces.

Pets, partners with long hair & more…

yeedi self-empty station, yeedi mop station

Regardless of the surface type, anyone with pets will know how quickly a layer of fur builds up on your floor. All the above options will be pretty good at dealing with this issue, just expect frequent dust container emptying. In fact, you are better off doing this each time to increase the suction strength of your yeedi vacuums. I don’t think I can overstate how nice is to have yeedi self-emptying vacuums. The docking stations can be purchased with the units (or separately as an upgrade) and will reduce the maintenance time to once every 5-10 cleans.

Anyone with mostly carpets should look at the yeedi vac station, while folks with hard floors should check out a unique mop station pro – that does the same thing and changes the water in the hoover as well.

If you already have a compatible yeedi vacuum cleaner without one, or just want to split the costs into 2 purchases, the yeedi self-empty station is compatible with: vac/vac max /vac 2/vac 2 pro.

The best deals are:

According to the info sent to me by yeedi these are the best prices available during Prime Day/week promotion.

yeedi vac$100$199.99
yeedi vac max$150$239.98
yeedi vac 2$150$244.99
yeedi mop station pro$240$559.99

For discounts on other products during the prime sales, please visit yeedi’s Amazon Page: AmazonUK|AmazonUS or visit their official store.

Get yeedi:

Get your own selection of yeedi smart cleaners and keep your house spotless:

Final thoughts

It’s nice to see the company taking constructive feedback and doing its best to address it. All my map-related issues from the reviews are no longer valid and I can give you a much stronger recommendation for the brand – especially if you are shopping for the smart vacuum cleaner around Amazon Prime Day! Let me know if you are planning any purchases for that week in this Reddit thread.

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