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Maths in Tasker

One of the Tasker functions that isn't often talked about is the ability to do Maths in Tasker. 'Do Maths' box in Variable Set...

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Content aware Tasker fingerprint reader

Fingerprint readers are pretty much useless in the default state. You can unlock the phone, or authorize a purchase, but other than this the...

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A better way to store Tasker credentials

I do Tasker tutorials, I also share the files for you to download. This means I have to be very careful what information I...

Annoyed with dozens of AutoApps populating your app drawer? Here is...

If your love for Tasker is as big as mine, you have the AutoApps subscription, and the access to each AutoApps plugin ever developed!...

Putting AutoTools pie chart to a good use – SSID logger

For a long time, Tasker GUI options were very limited. All we had to display options and values were the deeply flawed scenes. This...