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Retrofit Smart Door on a budget

Retrofit "smart" into your door on a budget - introducing DIY Smart door

Creating a smarter light switch

Smart light switches are cool, but you can make it even better if you add n+ gangs to it

Zigbee Low Battery Warning

Zigbee devices add up quickly, so monitoring battery levels for dozen or so of them could be a challenge. Not with Zigbee Low Battery Warning system!

How to sync Android alarm with NodeRED

Now you can sync your Android alarm with other devices, multiple alarms, multiple options. Simply sync Android alarm with NodeRED

Smart Speakers vs Lasers & voice injection hacking

Is laser hacking dangerous and what possible steps you should take to increase security of your smart home.

Adding devices to Zigbee2MQTT – the easy way

How to pair Zigbee devices with Zigbee2MQTT and cc2531 with ease!

PC Dashboard using NETIO Power Cables

I always wondered how much power my desktop computer draws. The 750W PSU can draw a lot in theory, but for most...

Two-Factor Authentication in NodeRED

Two-Factor Authentication is usually associated with access and security. It's prompt, that you get on your mobile device when you are trying...

Dashboard Layouts

Dashboard just got a little better in NodeRED. Thanks to Dashboard layouts I no longer have to visualise it myself

IKEA TRADFRI Wireless dimmer in NodeRED

Thanks to NodeRED you can use IKEA TRADFRI Wireless Dimmer to interact with everything

NodeRED for beginners


NodeRED for beginners: 7. Tips & Tricks

That's the last post of this series with a couple of tips and tricks you might find handy while building your own flows. These...

NodeRED for beginners: 6. Function node

The Function Node is one of the most useful nodes in NodeRED. It's a javascript editor which doesn't do much unless you tell it...

NodeRED for beginners: 5. Connectivity

I explained how to process the data in the last tutorial, its time to learn how to send the data to NodeRED and how...

NodeRED for beginners: 4. Data Processing

If you made your first flow already, you know that data is passed between each node. If you want to see this in a simplified example,...

NodeRED for beginners: 3. Your First Flow

We talked about why you should get NodeRED in the first place, and how to get started with NodeRED, now it's time for your...