Fixing the 2nd cheapest soldering stand (DANIU)

The bigger is obviously better!

The smaller components get the tricker the soldering process. Through-Hole stuff is pretty forgiving, but if I attempt to solder something surface mounted, my shaky hands are not cooperating. For the last 3 years, a “3rd hand” had been keeping stuff suspended while I solder. It was the cheapest stand you could possibly get.

I’m pleased to say, I have upgraded to the 2nd cheapest you could get! And it has “features”! Meet DANAIU Soldering Stand!

Soldering enrichment centre

Apart from the slightly “lab looking” stand I picked up more soldering accessories because my office seemed very under-equipped. Recently the TS80 portable soldering iron (review)has joined the toolbox, so I stocked up on some basics:

That should keep me going for a while, especially that I already own a soldering station (Yihua 922DA+ review).

TS80 portable soldering iron
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A brilliant solering on the go with USB-C connectivity and smart interface

2 out of 3 people thought it was £100

It’s not a magnificent stand, but for roughly £10, you can be very forgiving. A couple of my friends (who don’t have a clue what was it, to begin with) thought that the stand was worth around £100 due that white “lab” look. Apart from being a decent conversation starter, this stand comes with “features”:

  • a clamp (it’s a bit cheap looking but…)
  • LED lights (both USB powered and 3x AAA)
  • a magnifying glass with extra zoom bubble
  • decent clamps
  • tray
  • sliding adjustments

Whoa! I could work for the PR team for this soldering stand (I bought it out of my own money and I’m not getting paid for the praise, I swear)!

An elephant with a short trunk

The stand is sturdy, but I will put some batteries in only to increase the weight of the base. It should last me longer than the previous one, especially thanks to the design of the clamp. These are placed inside the O ring instead of just wrapping around a rod (and slipping in the process).

The ring light is decent, magnification is ok, the bubble could be useful for inspecting the quality of the SMD work done on the board. I’m pretty much done with the review.

There is an elephant in the room. It’s white and some say for £100 this elephant should come with a much longer trunk! The arm that supports the lens (and the LEDs) is way too short! I have to hunch significantly to take advantage of the O ring light and the magnifying glass.

3D printing to the rescue

Having a 3D printer (Creality Ender 3 review) at home is like living on board of Enterprise of StarTrek. Granted, it’s a slow process, but after an evening with Fusion360, I woke up to the sight of a new extended arm for my soldering stand.

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Creality Ender 3 – 3D printer
Excellent quality at the budget price!

The recap:

I disassembled the arm, took basic measurements and used a picture of the arm as the canvas (background) to have a reference. Because 13 is a lucky number (not) I thought it would make sense to set this as the distance between the hinges (the original is 3 times shorter, have fun dividing 13 by 3 😂🤣😂 , I know I’m mean!).

The rest is history! If you by history means 30 min of carving the prototype with a sharp knife to make it fit, then redesigning the model accordingly!

Let it be light

With great trunk come… problems with LEDs, If you scale one thing 3 times, you probably find out that other things have to grow too! In this case, the LED cables were too short.

Instead of splicing the wire near the hinge (lazy job, I did that for prototype) I took the stand apart (it’s easy) and spliced the wire internally! After a quick test, I was ready to assemble the stand

Final result

The soldering iron holder is too big for my TS80! 🤦‍♂️ I’ll fix that next time! What do you think guys? You can download the modification from Thingiverse and if you have any comments, leave it in this Reddit thread.