Tasker weather notification project

Living in UK is hard, you talk about the weather a lot. That and Brexit...

The new AutoNotification update is here. It brings us AutoNotification Table action. I figured out it would be nice to do something with it. Perhaps you may not consider this project the most inspiring one. The Weather Notification has been done before plenty of times but I’d like to put my twist on it.

Tasker Weather Project

I’m in England. This means that the daily weather forecast represented by the single icon means nothing. We can go through all the weather symbols within half of the day. This is the main reason why I’m going to ignore my Pixel launcher and its weather icon. Once could argue that I could press the icon on my home screen few times and move on. No! this is Tasker section and I have responsibilities. If I can save 3 clicks for your amusement I’ll do it! In addition to this, this is how confusing the weather can be in UK:

Where is the twist?

I don’t need the weather updates most of the time. I’m not paranoid like that. I love how Google Now serves you their updates. They appear (in ideal conditions) when you need it most. My weather update is sent to me when I leave home. It makes perfect sense. This is when you want to get a weather forecast for the next few hours. This option is not available at glance on stock Android. Time to fix it!

The notification contains 5 weather updates, each 3h apart which cover the next 12h. You’ll get the access to the temperature, weather condition, time and a simple icon (even more is available if you want). All designed using AutoNotification Table and AutoTools.

In the tutorial, you will learn a few useful things:

  • how to use weather API
  • how to extract values from .json
  • how to convert values in arrays
  • how to do subroutines
  • how to do FOR loops

I think this is an impressive list from such simple tutorial. I hope it was not entirely dismissed just by the title! The link will be up soon. I would like to send special thanks to TaskerPro for getting me unstuck at 4am! The tutorial.