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Tasker Smart NavBar #3 Time and Location

At the right time, in the right place!

The NavBar can turn into anything you want really. From extra shortcuts to icons set for reminders and contextual actions. In this profile, I will show you how to control the NavBar actions using time and location contexts. It’s a perfect way of having extra actions that are not only timed, but appear in certain locations.

NavBar actions: Time and Location

Setting a timer isn’t a big (or complicated) thing, but paired with a variable that contains your location information (like in this case %DEVICELOCATION – if you are interested why the variable is in CAPS, read this post) can create very interesting interactions. In the NavBar #1 I used a profile that would set the variable
%DEVICELOCATION based on WIFI connected at that time (for simplicity choices are: home, work, elsewhere).

TASKER PROFILE: Device Location
Profile: Device Location 
	State: Wifi Connected [ SSID:* MAC:* IP:* Active:Any ]
Enter: Set Dev Locale 
	A1: Variable Set [ Name:%DEVICELOCATION To:home  ] 
		If [ %WIFII ~R SlowFrog|FastBerry ]
	A2: Variable Set [ Name:%DEVICELOCATION To:work  ] 
		If [ %WIFII ~R ITC UK ]
	A3: Variable Set [ Name:%DEVICELOCATION To:elsewhere  ] 
	If [ %WIFII !~R SlowFrog|FastBerry|ITC UK ]

Exit: WIFI reset 
	A1: Variable Set [ Name:%DEVICELOCATION To:elsewhere  ] 

The combination of the time context and the variable state gives me a possibility to create an alarm reminder in my NavBar. This alarm can be set or ignored and it will go away after a specified time.

A perfect example of use would be my break time at work. It happens at night between 1-2 am, when I’m connected to work WiFi, lasts 1h 30 min and I get to have a nap on the company’s sofa! It’s good to have a one-click timer appear in my NavBar, but because the break doesn’t have a fixed start, I cannot automate it.

NavBar Alarm Reminder

Because the time and Location context will do all the heavy lifting for us, all we have to do is link a NavBar task that links to the correct task.

Profile: NB Alarm Reminder 
	Time: From 12:40PM Till  2:40PM
	State: Variable Value  [ %DEVICELOCATION ~ home ]
Enter: NB Alarm 
	A1: Navigation Bar [ Left:back[1.0] 
						 Right:task(NB Set Alarm)[1.0] ] 

Exit: NB A Reset 
	A1: Variable Set [ Name:%NBactiveApp To:none  ] 
	A2: Navigation Bar [ Left:back[1.0] 
						 Right: ]   

You will also need a reset task that will restore the original NavBar once the event hours or location changes.

When the NavBar icon is pressed, a preset alarm is set and the NavBar returns to the original one.

Smarter NavBar

This is a stand-alone version of the Smart NavBar actions. Once I created the standalone versions for each NavBar Task I will show you how to integrate it together. You can read the tutorial about this now!


This is not a complicated setup, but with some clever planning, you could launch tasks, set up dynamic reminders, create shortcuts and so much more. Simplicity doesn’t mean it’s not smart! Let me know how you are going to use NavBar actions: Time and Location in this Reddit thread.

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