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TASKER – Material Design new screenshots

A sneak peek at new Tasker user interface.

If you missed the news, Tasker is getting interface changes soon. I already talked about the new features in detail in this post. This is a short update as new screenshots have been posted to the Google Group where Pent (the dev) is taking the feedback from the community. I thought I would mention it just in case you don’t feel like following another forum.

Tasker – Material Update screenshots

Currently, the work is done on a floating button implementation according to the  Google Groups thread. We all hope that Tasker  – Material Design update will give us the refreshed look that will please us all (impossible?) but in the meantime, three more screenshots have been posted showing you what should you expect.

Before you panic, Pent has promised the old look being available in settings, so rest assured, you can feed your nostalgia regardless. The FAB (Floating Action Button) is still very much work in progress so don’t worry just yet. If you want to submit the feedback, use the Google Groups.

Pent also mentions five other themes being available at the launch of Tasker Material Design update, so don’t worry if the orange isn’t your new black.  As usual, I’ll keep you posted about the Tasker app development.

Update 23 Apr 2017

A fair amount of feedback has been shared on Google Groups. The most discussed topic seems to be FAB. An interesting mock-up interface has been presented through Imgur by Fabian Doornbos. It will be interesting to see what the final design will look like.

As usual, I will keep you updates. Follow me on social media to get the notifications.


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