PC control with Tasker

For some time now I had few notifications or voice commands ready on my phone. Buttons were unattractive but functional and voice commands weren’t visible. Until recently I had no greater desire to change this. I was working on a project that would close the private chrome sessions on PC and Android when I realised, that I might as well add more than one button.

Practice Tasker  makes perfect

PC control with taskerThe demo above is a result of my hard work. I have to admit that I have spent on the project more time than I would like to admit. I have swiftly created the alpha version of the toggles, but as you can see on the picture It was a mess to deal with, and each button ended up having few  tasks attached to it. It was functional but very ugly.

It is not the first time I took an idea and iterated on it until I was content with results. With satisfaction I must say, I’m pleased with the beta version of the notification. It is easier to expand on, and easier to understand. Entire 10 button layout with multiple actions (these are toggles after all) are contained in 3 profiles and a rather impressive Event Ghost tree.

Don’t despair if you won’t succeed at first. Iterate, draw, ask questions, google stuff and improve your design until you believe – it is the best you can create. This will give you more experience that you can use in the future to solve more complicated issues, and develop new ways of solving old problems.  Programming is about the  efficiency of the code. The better it runs, more people are happy.

EventGhost tree

There is a long road ahead for this project to be finished. I plan multiple device support and some information pages. But the core functionality is there. I think this could be an interesting tutorial, and due to the size of it, probably will be split into few parts.

PC control - mastering Tasker

I will post this in a few days, as I have a short holiday coming up!

Happy Tasking