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How to control your PC like a boss – Tasker Project

Control PC, and other devices from a custom notification system.

control PC with Tasker

I’m leaving to China for two weeks, and apart from an amazing adventure, I will be stripped of the access to Google services, Facebook and who knows what else. This is why I would like to have the ability to connect to my PC at home and do stuff.  This project allows me to control my PC like a boss. That includes power control, sound, screen, and applications. Sounds awesome?

The projects – control your PC with Tasker will be available in 4 parts. Each time, we will focus on a slightly different aspect of the controller. The way I build the profile allows for a simple integration of more services and introduces you to how the entire framework works. I consider this project as an advanced one, mainly because it has several interconnected elements.  While the project has been build using AutoNotification Buttons, you could use other user interface elements to achieve the same functionality.

I will be updating the links for the tutorial parts as I go. If I come up with something new and interesting I may modify the profile as well.

The Control Your PC Tasker project:

These are the functions:

Project requirements:

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