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CrowPi2 is breezing through Kickstarter

This is simply AWESOME

A couple of years ago, I bought my first Raspberry Pi board (Raspberry Pi 2) and 40in1 sensor kit. This is pretty much how NotEnoughTech started. I started to read, research and document everything I tried online. Two years ago first CrowPi got funded and released! If you wonder how are these two events are connected – well CrowPi2 by Elecrow just smashed the target on Kickstarter with way too many days to go, and I’m not surprised, I’m simply excited.

From sensors to CrowPi2

Getting a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of sensors is a great idea to get something started if you have the time and patience to learn on your own and spend hours trawling through the internet looking for the right resources. What’s a much better idea, is to invest a little more money into a set like CrowPi2 and have the team behind it guide you in that discovery.

I’m totally on board with this idea! I only come across CrowPi2 thanks to Electromaker show, and I instantly understood why they are doing this. Having a portable all-in-one platform where you can try things out, experiment and learned from guides composed for your hardware sounds like a perfect way to dive in and learn things. All this presented in a rather gorgeous looking laptop format, powered by a Raspberry Pi.

What’s inside

For now, I can only refer you to the Kickstarter page to get the glimpse of product tiers and rewards for backing it. The basic kit comes with:

All that fun stuff for $169 Early Bird tier ( the basic one for $139 is sold out). The Kickstarter page is worth checking out to see other tiers.

I’m even more excited to mention that I will get hands-on experience with the kit soon – and I can’t hide my enthusiasm for this kit! Having bunch of sensors stored in a cardboard box and used as needed to try things out might be cheaper if the budget is tight, but if you are serious about learning about Raspberry Pi and how things work, you will appreciate the love and creativity poured into this project.

Nearly 800 people backed the project so far, smashing the Kickstarter funding goal tenfold like there is no tomorrow (which is believable, considering 2020 so far). I’m not surprised. I’m expecting to see more people backing it up as the Kickstarter campaign will last for another month. If you are looking for a perfect way to kick things off with Raspberry Pi or just want to get your kids hooked on your hobby CrowPi2 might be a perfect gateway into that.

I’m looking forward to this. Are you? Let me know in this Reddit thread. Oh, and give them some love, support and share!


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