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Tasker Twilight plugin – Use the Sun as a context

From Dusk till Dawn

Until this plugin, my screen brightness has been regulated by a time-sensitive context. It was working great until the summer turned into winter and the daylight situation was no longer adequate to whatever time constraints I have introduced in Tasker. Twilight plugin for Tasker can do more than this. While being extremely battery friendly, the plugin allows you to create sunlight dependent profiles without using time context or a sensor.

Twilight plugin for Tasker

The plugin is essentially a sun calendar that stores the sunrise and sunset values for your location. These can be used as context in your profile. Apart from the classical understanding of sunsets and sunrises, the Twilight plugin recognises civil, nautical and astronomical periods.

You will find a very nice graphical interface to set your conditions. You shouldn’t have any issues figuring the interface out. If you wonder what the terms are here is a short explanation:

  • astronomical dawn/dusk – time of a night in which the Sun is at 18 degrees  below the horizon, historically the time when the stars started to shine brightly
  • nautical dawn/dusk –  time of a night in which the Sun is at 12 degrees below the horizon, historically the time when sailors used to be able to differentiate the horizon at sea
  • civil dawn/dusk  –  time of a night in which the Sun is at 6 degrees below the horizon, historically the time when contours were visible allowing public activities to commence
  • sunrise/sunset –  time at which sun completely crosses the horizon, or ‘forward’ edge of the sphere is tangent to the horizon line.


There are plenty of profiles that can rely on this plugin. The Twilight plugin could be used in gardening projects, light controllers, adaptive screen brightness profiles or car headlights reminders. As the plugin is free, there isn’t really a reason not to get it!


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