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One design for all window fixtures? Zemismart ZigBee Driver

Zemismart brings a modular, battery-powered ZigBee drivers for blinds, verticals and now for curtains as well. Let's see if you should get these!

Banggood & AliExpress 11:11 deals with NotEnoughTech

Let's take a look at most interesting things that you can treat yourself to this 11:11 sale on Banggood and AliExpress.

Cyber Monday Shilling

It's Black Friday - not the only time for deals and discounts but a day that definitely causes all of us to browse for that best deal.

Shellbot SL60 knows where you left your socks!

Shellbot SL60 knows exactly what you left on the floor. It won't just avoid it, but will also let you know that you are messy!

17 items to check out this Black Friday! (and Cyber Monday)

17 things that caught my eye this BlackFriday.