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Windows 10 Action Center, Chrome and Tasker

Join encryption in Windows 10 - you can have your cake and eat it!

Chrome is going to get the ability to display its notifications using Windows 10 Action Center. That’s Ok I guess, but what floats my boat, even more, is Join and AutoRemote notifications. (Apparently, it is available in the Chrome Canary version already)

I only recently stopped hating on these popups and started to utilise it a little bit better. I can’t say I’m massively in love with it, but I got to the point where I can use it in a productive manner. If you want to see these notifications there is the Join Windows App which is somehow limited by the Windows Store limitations.

I spoke briefly to João Dias about the change. As suspected, the Join extension and AutoRemote notifications would appear in Windows 10 Action Center tab. While no one can be sure if the transition will be painless, AutoApps & Tasker dev believes – it should not require additional updates on his part. This also means that you could finally enjoy the encryption and Windows 10 notifications (something Join Windows App does not support)

I believe this would also handle the post notifications, music prompts and pretty much anything that is being issued by Chrome. The news comes from xda-developers.com if you interested in toggles and flags in Chrome.

For us, Tasker users Windows 10 Action Center and Chrome update mean that we get to enjoy one notification system less for the Join and AutoRemote notification! I know some of you are not in love with Windows 10, but if you use it – what do you think about the change? I hope the update brings no issues to João who is probably swamped with Tasker development.


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