Quick news from the internet, Raspbian is getting updates today.  You can either download the image from here, and install it on your RPI or perform system update:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install piclone geany usb-modeswitch

raspberry-logoThe mainfeatures of this update are:

  • updated BT driver, accessible from user interface
  • direct support for RT audio interface
  • SD backup and system  backup utility (requires USB SD reader)
  • new GPIO driver allowing for sudo-less access
  • Geany text file editor added
  • updates to kernel and tweaks (shut-down menu, keyboard control, config options in UI)
  • auto expanding file system (new installation will extend over entire SD card now)

I’m really excited to see updated BT driver, as this was very much needed on the RPI3. Creating tools for backup, and automatically expanding the file system – is also a very nice addition.  If you wish to see full release notes please head to the official blog post.