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Tasker Smart NavBar #2 WhatsApp NavBar actions

Create better conversational experience with WhatsApp NavBar actions

Tasker Smart NavBar #1 Cast to active PC

Cast your favourite apps to the active PC.

Fun times with Smarter Tasker NavBar actions

Tasker 5.7 is out! All of you who subscribe to the beta channel got to test the beta features early, but now...

Tasker gets a major update

Tasker Update brings 5.7 features to the public channel!

Mobile notifications for 3D Printers

Create awesome mobile notifications for 3D Printers. Treat any printer supporting Octoprint to an awesome mobile makeover.

Tasker: Set USB for file transfer automatically

I have been shooting more and more videos with my Pixel 3 recently which means that all these files have to go...

Tasker: Having fun with Tasker Post-It notes

I love creating little projects that aren't solving any problems but work well as great tutorials. AutoTools Web screens just got updated with Post-It...

Google Call/SMS policies – change of “artificial” hearts?

Considering how YouTube is striking videos off the monetization list right left and centre, I'm fully inclined to believe that the company is run...

TASKER TIP: How to deal with online Tasker icons

After a short exchange (a polite one) on reddit, I thought I would share this tip with you. There are times when using the...

Moving my public projects to TaskerNET

I jumped on the TaskerNet bandwagon early with the screenshot sync profile, I like the simplicity, and how easy it is to share tasks,...

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More Fingerprint Scanner Actions with Tasker

Previously I did a tutorial on how to assign custom fingerprint actions and make it context dependent. You can have a look at this...

Rapsberry Pi – Dynamic IP updater

One of the readers asked me how I found the IP address of my Raspberry Pi from China. I had DNS and my IP...

Tasker PC control – #Tutorial1 (Power Menu)

I rewrote the profile several times, therefore I'm slightly afraid that this tutorial is directed at more experienced Tasker users. If you want to...

Tasker total charging time – a project to test chargers

In my last post, I have reviewed an Oittm USB-C/2xUSB-A charger (feel free to take a look, spoiler alert: I like it), I measured...

Automating iperf internet speed testing with Tasker

If you follow me on social media, you probably know, that my recent period of silence has been caused by a holiday far, far...