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Important Tasker 5.9.2 update – “no-root” root actions

New Tasker comes with Root actions that don't need root!

How to sync Android alarm with NodeRED

Now you can sync your Android alarm with other devices, multiple alarms, multiple options. Simply sync Android alarm with NodeRED

Two-Factor Authentication in NodeRED

Two-Factor Authentication is usually associated with access and security. It's prompt, that you get on your mobile device when you are trying...

One more way to get Tasker: Google Play Pass

Now you can access Tasker as part of Google Play Pass subscription

Folder based Digital Wellbeing and more tricks with Nova Launcher!

Discover two cools things you can do with Nova Launcher and Tasker! Default Folder apps and Digital wellbeing monitor.

Tasker: Seconds into DD:HH:MM:SS (dynamic)

It's time to.... ok it's a pun, but I will show you how to master time and convert seconds to DD:HH:MM:SS dynamically

Start Music with MiBand 4

MiBand 4 comes with music playback controls, but you couldn't start the playback from the tracker until now - start music with MiBand 4

Tasker Smart NavBar #7 Smarter NavBar

Use this Tasker NavBar action to join all standalone NavBar actions together and create the ultimate Smart NavBar.

Dynamic IP updates in NodeRED

Update the global variable each time your server variable will change so you could always send and receive the data from the correct IP 

Tasker Smart NavBar #6 Music controller

Control music playback directly from the NavBar using this dynamic smart NavBar Music actions.

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The alternative to Secure Settings on Marshamallow

Secure Settings is no more Secure Settings on Marshmallow devices is a pain to use. This essentially affects all devices with a system-less root access....

Tasker Emergency Profile – When out and about!

It's all good until somebody gets hurt. As a keen cyclist, I have had a fair share of punctures, and few scraps with cars...

Bluetooth battery monitor – monitor any Bluetooth battery with Tasker

I love my HBS-730 Bluetooth headphones. They come with all the bells and whistles, heck, even a battery feedback. All good but one little...

Keeping love affairs safe with Tasker?

I don't think anyone of us likes to share our phones with others. Your unlocked mobile in someone else's hands leaves you terrified and vulnerable....

Voice notifications in multiple languages.

Every now and then I get a message from my Polish friends. Trouble starts when the message is in Polish and my LG Tone...