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Sonoff Mini vs Shelly 1

Which smart switch is better for your home? Sonoff Mini vs Shelly 1

Sonoff R3 DIY mode & why it sucks

Long awaited Sonoff R3 DIY mode is even worse than I expected.

Flashing Tasmota on Sonoff POW R2

Flashing Tasmota on Sonoff POW R2.

Hands on: Sonoff POW R2

What is the Sonoff POW R2 all about? Let's see what can you do with it.

Hacking Sonoff WiFi Smart Plug

ITEAD guys made it so easy for us mortals to open their products up and do custom things. I have been given 2 EU...

Hacking Koogeek Smart Plug

This is not the first Smart Socket I had taken apart. Previously I flashed a custom software into ESP8266 based Oittm Smart socket  (review,...

Marvelous notifications – Putting ESP8266 Jarvis into toy Ironman

I was looking at my shelf the other day and I noticed an Ironman figurine given to me by a friend. Initially, I was...

Using Sonoff Tasmota software

Encouraged by the latest ESP hacks and your comments, I decided to take a look at the Sonoff Tasmota software too. I love to learn...

Hacking ESP8285 GeekCreit 4 Way relay controller

What an adventure it was. For the first time, I started the livestream not knowing what's ahead. Determined and armed with Google, I started...

Programming ESP32 on Arduino IDE just got easier

The ESP8266 may not be the newest on the block but has an excellent support and a super easy installation guide if you want...

NodeRED for beginners


NodeRED for beginners: 7. Tips & Tricks

That's the last post of this series with a couple of tips and tricks you might find handy while building your own flows. These...

NodeRED for beginners: 6. Function node

The Function Node is one of the most useful nodes in NodeRED. It's a javascript editor which doesn't do much unless you tell it...

NodeRED for beginners: 5. Connectivity

I explained how to process the data in the last tutorial, its time to learn how to send the data to NodeRED and how...

NodeRED for beginners: 4. Data Processing

If you made your first flow already, you know that data is passed between each node. If you want to see this in a simplified example,...

NodeRED for beginners: 3. Your First Flow

We talked about why you should get NodeRED in the first place, and how to get started with NodeRED, now it's time for your...