Retrofit Smart Door on a budget

Retrofit "smart" into your door on a budget - introducing DIY Smart door

Alexa is my washing ready?

How to turn "dump" washing machine into smart one and get Alexa washing machine notifications (Google Home and Android too)

Creating Alexa notifications in NodeRED

Turns out, creating Alexa notifications in NodeRED is very easy thanks to a new skill. Here is how to make your NodeRED cooperate with Alexa.

Streaming your own music on Amazon Echo for free

Google Home Mini has been my default smart speaker for streaming music, as the sound was decent, and Google made streaming your own tracks...

Talking to Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

The Black Fridays Deals started earlier than ever in the UK. I opened the to see what's going on - online window shopping...

Amazon Echo Dot Black Friday deals in the UK

It looks like that Amazon's UK division starts the Black Friday deals early! I was randomly browsing the internet when I noticed that there...

Alexa in a cup holder! Omars Dogo review

Once a while I get my hands onto a gadget that really sparks my interest. Taking Alexa with me (other than Amazon Alexa app)...

Alexa Routines are better than Google Assistant shortcuts

Chances are, that you have an access to at least one personal assistant. Whether it's a Google Assistant on your phone or Amazon Echo...

Getting Alexa to talk

Encouraged by my recent 'successes' with Amazon Echo and NodeRED, I came up with few more scenarios that I would find rather useful. Getting...

Alexa and NodeRED integration

It's oh so good to walk into the office and completely ignore the light switch. Hey Alexa, please please make it shine! I guess...

NodeRED for beginners


NodeRED for beginners: 7. Tips & Tricks

That's the last post of this series with a couple of tips and tricks you might find handy while building your own flows. These...

NodeRED for beginners: 6. Function node

The Function Node is one of the most useful nodes in NodeRED. It's a javascript editor which doesn't do much unless you tell it...

NodeRED for beginners: 5. Connectivity

I explained how to process the data in the last tutorial, its time to learn how to send the data to NodeRED and how...

NodeRED for beginners: 4. Data Processing

If you made your first flow already, you know that data is passed between each node. If you want to see this in a simplified example,...

NodeRED for beginners: 3. Your First Flow

We talked about why you should get NodeRED in the first place, and how to get started with NodeRED, now it's time for your...