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Sharing Tasker profiles on TaskerNet!

Let's just hope it won't start sending T-1000s after us!

The day has come! the TaskerNet is here. I’m almost as excited as creators of SkyNet – let’s just hope the outcome will be more human-friendly.

Tasker and TaskerNet


What is TaskerNet and why should you care? Previously, to share your projects you had to store the export file on some sort of server (like Dropbox or Google Drive). Tasker and TaskerNet create a personalised storage hub for your projects. Not only projects are stored in an accessible for you, server, but you can also share the links to your profile with others.

After all, sharing is caring and Tasker and TaskerNet – is an excellent way to bring all the projects together. To use it, all you have to do is to export the task|profile|project as a link, give it a description and a unique link is created!

The whole process takes less than a minute, and the profile is available to anyone who has the link. All resources are divided into tasks, profiles and projects and are named after the corresponding Tasker profiles.

What does it mean to me? It gives me an excuse to go through my all Tasker profiles and review it. Believe me, I have a couple of them that are broken because of changes or updates to other systems.

Once the profile or project is checked – it will be uploaded to my personal cloud for the safekeeping. I’m hoping to see folder support and ability to use multiple accounts – as currently, my personal account will be storing all the Tasker profile. I’m pretty sure all of you would like to get the ability to download my profiles from a single website like this.


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