Tasker – Clipboard Manager

Create a clipbaord manager with AutoTools WebScreens and Tasker

For some time now, I have been trying to get around the issue of not having the clipboard manager on my phone. The are applications and keyboards that come with the manager built in, but keyboards are slow and clunky, therefore I stick with the stock G-board. I usually try to avoid installing a new app if I can get away with it.

Price: Free+
AutoTools seem to be getting more and more features making my AutoTools guide feel outdated! I will try to get that post updated to reflect the changes. The recent tutorial from Joao shows us how to create the side launch menu. A cool stuff, but I don’t think I would use this personally, besides Joao wrote the tutorial himself.  Go check it out here.

Tasker – Clipboard Manager

There is, however, something that I can do with the new AutoTools WebScreens action. Finally, I can create a clipboard manager that is quick and easy to access. The Tasker – Clipboard Manager can store up to 9 clipboards, replacing the old ones as new clips are added. I picked the 9 items as they fit rather nicely on my screen, but with few simple tweaks, you can set the number of stored clipboards to whatever you wish.

While you could have a floating icon, I like the swipe gesture instead. In addition to this, Tasker – Clipboard Manager has a very small impact on your phone performance as the profile can be limited to work with certain apps only.  In the video, you can see me linking the clipboard menu to the Google+ and Pages Manager. Bear in mind that the collection of the clipboards happens constantly.

The project also does not interfere with Join. If you use this app, then you can also share the selected clipboards with other devices.


Tasker – Clipboard Manager is something I will be personally using a lot. I think I might expand this to contain pre-defined snippets and the active clipboard manager. In the meantime, I’m off to write a proper tutorial. Tasker – Clipboard Manager tutorial should be available tomorrow.

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