I personally have no issues with the way Tasker looks. Sure it could use a small refresh, however, the design is mostly practical.  The Tasker is getting a makeover, and we should see Tasker new user interface going live soon. A Tasker Google group shared recently screenshots on how the new interface would look like. It’s not too late to join the Google group, just please read through all posts before suggesting any changes. We only have one Pent and I’d assume he’s best utilized coding the changes than reading repeated posts.

Tasker new user interface

While the update is not bringing new and exciting features, there is hoping that application will appeal to more Android users and increase the community’s size. This is important as the bigger the Tasker community gets, the more 3rd party devs will join the bandwagon of implementing Tasker compatible features. After all, there is only a small group of active devs who code keeping Tasker in mind.

I’m sure the new Tasker user interface will be loved and hated at the same time, as everyone has their preferences. I hope all of you, who won’t like it, will see the practical reasons behind it, and won’t hit Pent with a heavy criticism. Perhaps we will get an option to retain the old Tasker user interface in options.

Tasker new user interface – features

Personally, I like the new color scheme,  more icon choices, and the refreshed look of the application. Tasker new user interface features:

  • Orange Tasker theme (dark variant confirmed as well)
  • Material Design Icons – (you can pick colors as well)
  • New toggles
  • New default font?
  • more?