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Tasker and Yeelight – turn your lights on upon arrival

Can you tell I'm a Spidey fan?

I talked about emulating sunsets and sunrises with Yeelight before, this time around I want to make sure I will live long enough to see the sunrise. I nearly killed myself numerous times before over some shoes left in the doorway.  This Tasker and Yeelight project make sure you have some light waiting for you so you could live another day.

Tasker and Yeelight – The Homecoming

As you are probably aware, just linking the Yeelight action to a WiFi-connected condition is a bad idea. However, I have a profile that fixes all that! This is one of the first profiles I introduce to all beginners so do check it out – it’s a Home Profile.

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Thanks to the groundwork set by my previous tutorial I can keep this one short and sweet. All we need to do is to add a single Yeelight action and link it to the day/night operator stored in %Sunlight variable.

EDIT: 24/10/2017
Yeelight app has been updated. New Tasker options has been introduced including variable for brightness, colour and temperature. Unfortunately, the update broke the predefined scenes which rendered my other tutorials irrelevant. I have reached out to the Yeelight folks and passed over my feedback. I hope we will see the functionality restored in the next update!

Modifying Home Profile

Profile: Home Value 
	State: Variable Value  [ %Home ~ 1 ]
Enter: Home Tasks+ 
	A1: Flash [ Text:You are home Long:On ] 
	A2: Yeelight Device [ Configuration:Device: lamp, 
            Action: SCENE, Param: 222027 
            Timeout (Seconds):0 ] If [ %Sunlight ~ night ]

Exit: Home Tasks- 
	A1: Flash [ Text:You are not home Long:On ] 

It’s a single action, which I don’t think I have to explain. You can turn this into a more fun profile and assign a different colour to each member of your family (that uses Tasker). I will re-iterate that using the home profile is the way to go, as lamp will turn on each time when all conditions apply:

  • leaving home zone (cell network towers)
  • night time


I hope you find this useful. Next time I will show you how to recreate these conditions directly from a Raspberry Pi. If you have any questions in regards to the Yeelight smart LED RGB light bulb – follow me on social media.

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