Secure Settings on Nougat (and Marshmallow)

Make the Secure Settings work again on Nougat

I do miss the plugin.  Secure Settings Nougat edition is pretty much dead. Or is it? AutoTools replaces few settings, however, the array of toggles offered by that plug-in is great. If you miss the plug-in functionality – there is a thing you can try to do.

Please note that this could break (mine was broken already) access to the Android Pay on your mobile.

You will need a root explorer of some sorts to actually allow Secure Settings Nougat grant the root permission. Open your explorer and go to the /ROOT/SYSTEM/BIN directory and create a new folder called su‘. 

You have seen probably the fix through the terminal:

mount -o remount,rw /system
touch /system/bin/su
mount -o remount,ro /system

This was not working for me and the error ‘Device or resource is busy’ was given.

When the folder is created please reboot your device. Go to the SuperSU app and set the root permission default state to ‘grant‘. Secure Settings may fail to get the permissions on time, and this way you should see through entire installation without interruptions. When your System+ is installed, you can go back and revert the default root permission to ‘prompt’.

Secure Settings
Price: Free+

Check the options of the Secure Settings and enable the ones you are interested in. Please be advised that not all settings will become available. I would expect this to work on Marshmallow as well however I don’t have a systemless root device available for testing so I would appreciate the comments.

If you are looking for a solution to the Titanium Backup, consider following the advice from one of my readers:

For Titanium Backup to restart root, simply delete the folder that was created, that Secure Settings will continue to function normally

Got Secure Settings Nougat – what else?

Consider looking at articles on intents, run shell and AutoTools for complete hacking toolset for Tasker!