Perhaps I should specify this: this is not a Tasker exclusive plugin. It is an app which, in my opinion, enhances Tasker in a really good way. Up until now, I was using the iPack icon packs to set quick menus in  Tasker scenes and notifications. The selection menu was tiny, and it took ages to find whatever I wanted to. There was also a dilemma, that if I wanted a toggle alike behaviour, there was no matching icon in the pack. I would have to create it from a scratch myself or google it online. I came across this Material Design Icons app and it solved the issues for me.

The app is no longer available on google store – you can take a look at similar apps like Material Icon Maker

Material Design Icons

Currently, there are over 700 icons available through the app. These icons are an open domain, and you can use it for whatever project you wish.  The collection comes from

Ok so this is a list of icons, what is so special about the app?  Each icon comes in 6 sizes, and 21 colours. This should be more than enough to get you started. Icons are indexed by name with a handy A-Z nav bar on the side. You can also export multiple icons at once, to any given directory, or as a zip file. Thanks to this I’m able to create very neat looking menus like this one.

Make your scenes pretty

Instead of googling for new icons give this app a go. There are few improvements to be made. Colour selector could be great to remove the 21 colour limitation. Searching by name could decrease the time needed to find the icon needed.

screenshot_20161003-190338One of the ways of using the Material Design Icons app with Tasker is to put the icons in folders named of their colours. This way when selecting the icons through Tasker, all you need to do is to copy the patch from a previous state and change the colour in the file path. This is a quick and efficient way of working with AutoNotification when creating multiple toggles.

I hope this will prettify and speed up your scenes and notifications.

 Material Icons app is available on Google Play Store