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Alexa is my washing ready?

How to turn "dump" washing machine into smart one and get Alexa washing machine notifications (Google Home and Android too)

Washing machine notifications – making “dumb” machine “smart”

Learn how to add washing machine notifications to your Google Home on the cheap

Tasker: Perfect AutoNotifications

Create any AutoNotification in seconds using a single profile!

Turning Join and NodeRED into a RSS notification system

Who needs RSS readers when you have Join and NodeRED

Google Home Notifications Tutorial

Spoken, like a true AI! I just made my Google Home speaker even more amazing. I hate talking to these things. I want the smart speaker to tell me an information as I need it without any "Hey Google"! Fortunately, I got it all figured it out and now you can receive your phone, sensor or computer notifications via Google Home speaker.

Tasker and NodeRED – Streamlining notification system

Making uncomplicated, complicated again!