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Testing 9 external antennas with CC2531 ZigBee coordinator

I have tested the range and the link quality of 9 external antennas with CC2531!

Adding Sonoff sensors in Zigbee2MQTT and other systems

Can you use Sonoff sensors in Zigbee2MQTT and other ecosystems? Trying Tuya, Xiaomi, IKEA Tradfi and CC2531

Get CC2531 on the ITEAD store instead

ITEAD sells CC2531 flashed and ready for Zigbee2MQTT

Adding devices to Zigbee2MQTT – the easy way

How to pair Zigbee devices with Zigbee2MQTT and cc2531 with ease!

Flashing CC2531 without CC Debugger

Flash CC2531 in 3 minutes without the CC Debugger

Zigbee: Hub vs Zigbee2MQTT

What's better for home automation - Zigbee USB with Zigbee2MQTT or a consumer grade Zigbee enabled hub like MiHome?