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A much bigger power sandwich: MiniWare MDP-P906

Envy of all makers!

Every maker knows how precious desk estate is. As soon as I take on a project, my desk is littered with modules, notes, cables and various bits and pieces that may or may not be useful in the next couple of days. It’s a creative mess, and despite a much different appearance, I can actually find everything I need without problems. One issue remains – having enough space for all the above. MDP-P906 is one of the answers…

Modular Digital Power System: MDP-P906 vol2

This looks great!

So far, I limited the number of notes and random sketches with reMarkable2. Then I reduced my YiHua soldering station to a TS80P soldering iron and MHP30 hot plate. A DS213 oscilloscope takes almost no space and MDP-XP delivers all the power I ever need for my project. All this can live on my desk barely taking up any space. It’s easy to take it with me too!

Imagine having all the tools, but smaller. That’s MiniWare! MDP-XP promised a modular design with exciting add-ons down the line. MiniWare were very quiet about the timeline for each module, but the wait is over and the new and improved PSU: the MDP-P906 is now available for purchase. Unfortunately, we will have to wait longer for other promised units. The whole MDP kit consists of:

  • Display Control Module
  • Digital Power Module MDP-P905
  • Digital Signal Generator
  • Electronic Load Module
  • Power Charger Module
  • Battery Pack Module

MDP-XP had been released with a wireless PSU MDP-P905 powered by up to 30V DC jack or USB-C with Quick Charge support. Unfortunately, the USB-C PD standard went amiss and MDP-P906 addresses that.

MDP-P906 is compatible with USB-C PD and still offers a 30V DC jack combining the best of both worlds. Regardless of the power standard of your phone charger, you can be sure that MDP-P906 will work without looking for an alternative power source.

To handle extra current, MDP-P906 is slightly taller and comes with a built-in fan which quietly (you can only tell it’s spinning on the start-up) cools down electronics inside the enclosure. All that extra heft translates to 300W power performance which is more than enough for us mere makers. Of course, if you have specific needs MDP-P906 may not be for you.

As far as the rest is concerned, the device can be used as a stand-alone unit, or with a wireless display/control unit MDP-XP. If you want to read more about the benefits of the MDP-XP system – I already covered these in my original review – so give it a read!


MDP-P905 (left) vs MDP-P906 (right)

Not everything is perfect though and MDP-P906 has a couple of issues I’d love Mini Ware to address. The first one is shared with all MDP-based modules and it’s the range of the wireless connection. It’s only a couple of meters at best. Enough to be fancy, but the 2.4GHz radio should offer a much better experience.

The support for USB-C PD is admirable, but smart chargers that try to detect the charging standard don’t seem to know what to do with this device and refuse to supply power. My Anker Smart Charger that I use to deliver 45W to my laptop over a spoofed USB-C PD connector I added myself, is unable to supply power to the unit. I think the charger is trying to detect the charging protocol used and fails at negotiating. Dedicated chargers for either USB-C PD or QC3.0 work just fine.

Final thoughts

It’s a brilliant piece of kit for anyone who’s pressed for space and is trying to keep their electronics desk as neat as possible. Likewise, if need a bench power supply on the go, MDP-P906 makes so much sense. Plus it looks just awesome. I could see a hint of envy from every friend I showcased this to. While there are cheaper power supplies to get, MDP-P906 remains the coolest one you can have on your desk if you are willing to spend £132.73 on AliExpress. I’m waiting for other promised modules to hit release dates so I could have a go. Let me know what you think about it in this Reddit thread.

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