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Quntis lights made for monitors, used on printers!

For not the intended purposes!

Over the last few months, I have added a monitor stand to ease the strain on my shoulders and a monitor light, to help out my eyesight before it gets bad. Quntis noticed that and reached out to me with their monitor lights to test out. As I’m a pretty good test subject, they sent me two ScreenLinear lights to add to my setup. A 40 cm version (AmazonUK, AmazonUS, Quntis Store) for desktop screens and a more portable Screen Linear Pro (AmazonUK, AmazonUS, Quntis Store).

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Fancying up my office space

Quntis ScreenLinear PRO
Quntis ScreenLinear PRO – 30cm designed for laptops

Unlike the previously tested ones from BlitzWolff, these monitor lights are not connected to the internet, you have to actuate it in an old-fashioned way – with your fingers. That’s OK, as let’s face it unless the lights come with Razer Chroma (or similar) support like Yeelight, it takes less effort to tap on the touch-sensitive buttons than try a voice command or a smart app. Both Quntis ScreenLinear lights feature touch-control interface controls, with the only “smart” element being an ambient light sensor to adjust the brightness of the light automatically (should you desire).

Quntis ScreenLinear

Thankfully, this light comes with a clip (and spare insert) that can be properly adjusted for various screens. My BlitzWolf ended up with 3M tape holding it in place. Thanks to inserts Quntis ScreenLinear should fit around most screens and stay there. Inside the box, you will also find a USB-C cable as the light can be connected to a computer port.

Quntis ScreenLinear comes with a white LED strip with the colour temperature controls (white, warm, cold), 3 step brightness level and previously mentioned automatic light adjustment based on light levels around you. The buttons are easy to find thanks to small notches in the design and a small blue LED lets you know when the automatic brightness is on. The light will also preserve the last used brightness setting.

It’s bright enough to keep everything on your desk visible and ease the strain from your eyes when working in a completely dark room. As I now own multiple monitor lights, this particular one got pinched almost instantly by my partner. I know one thing for sure – they are not coming back. It’s a good thing I managed to take some pictures before I had to give up the ownership.

Touch controls and light sensor

In my brief but eventful time with the light, I found it perfectly fine for my 32 inch BenQ screen. There was enough light to illuminate the desk underneath it, the keyboard and the immediate working area. I’m going back to the BlitzWolf, knowing that I no longer have to nag my partner about working in front of her computer in absolute darkness.

I’m left with…

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro

The second light sent to me is shorter (30cm), with a wider beam. With its compact factor, Quntis told me they aim at the laptop owners, but the truth is told, if that’s your goal, the non-Pro version, they offer, will look much nicer.

They come with a pinch clip instead, suited better for thin screens and the similar control set as on its bigger brother. The beam comes in three temperatures (white, warm, cold) and can be dimmed automatically, thanks to the inclusion of the light sensor or through touch (3 dimming steps). This time, the cable is permanently attached to the light (I’m not a fan) but comes with a USB-C/USB-A plug to make it more compatible (I’m a fan).

Considering the amount of light bleed I get from my laptop’s monitor, I struggle to justify these. Perhaps if, just like on the product shots, you use your laptop as a desktop machine with a dock, spare mouse and keyboard… Your requirements may be different. Uninterested, I left the light in the only free space I had in my office – next to my Ender 3 v2 (review) 3D printer.

And then it hit me! I have a much better idea for this Quntis ScreenLinear light.

Quntis ScreenLinear PRO
Quntis ScreenLinear PRO fits like a glove on my Ender 3V2

While too bulky for my laptop, it clips to the printer perfectly and provides much-needed illumination! From browsing 3D printing forums, I know DIY lights for printers are popular. You could make your own, or you could simply buy Quntis ScreenLinear light and be done with it. It works better in that scenario than for its intended purposes. Especially, since I like taking timelapses of my prints thanks to my Octoprint setup.

While they don’t really need any smarts, you could automate these (especially if you are a fan of unattended printing) with a Sonofff Micro – a mini relay switch to enable and disable USB power remotely. Works like a charm alongside my Printer Manager fitted inside the power supply.

While you won’t find Quntis ScreenLinear on my laptop, you will find it permanently attached to my 3D printer. I just need to automate it a little, but that’s a subject for another write-up.

Final thoughts

I didn’t expect the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro (AmazonUK, AmazonUS, Quntis Store) to end up on my printer, (nor Quntis ScreenLinear in my partner’s office) but both lights have their uses assigned and are not going anywhere. Whether you want to take the strain off your eyes or fancy up your 3D printing space, Quntis ScreenLinear (AmazonUK, AmazonUS, Quntis Store) could be what you should be looking at. Especially, if you have around £30 burning a hole in your pocket. Let me know if you have another cool use case for monitor light, as something tells me I’m not done with them just yet. Use this Reddit thread for comments.

🆓📈💵 – See the transparency note for details.

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