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A webcam I can talk to: OBSbot Tiny 2

Even smaller OBSbot

My assortment of webcams is stellar. It took me two reviews to pronounce the OBSbot correctly, their products are my go-to webcams for streaming. Up until now, I used OBSbot Tiny 4K which always points at my face and delivers exceptional audio and video each time I’m live on YouTube. OBSbot Tiny 2 is smaller and promises even more features compared to the previous model. I’m game!

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OBSbot Tiny 2

My unboxing was swift and introduced the same criticisms as with other models. A dedicated carrying case is nice, but as moulded specifically to OBSbot Tiny 2 shape, it’s hard to re-use for something else, and it’s doubtful I’d be scaling mountains with the webcam in my pocket.

Packaging aside, OBSbot Tiny 2 really feels much smaller than the previous model. It’s completely redesigned, lighter and with more modern, well-defined edges. It’s made from quality plastic and it feels like it could take some abuse. I’m liking it.

OBSbot Tiny 2 can rotate almost 360° around and 180° up and down. The motion range will cover pretty much everything you need. At the front are stereo microphones and a familiar RGB light bar to let you know what the webcam is up to, the back features a USB-C port and the base has a hidden tripod adapter underneath the base plate.

I, for once, can appreciate the reduction in weight as it was too easy to knock the previous camera from my 32″ monitor and cause it to plunge towards the surface like the meteor that killed all dinos. A new mount plate is still magnetic but also comes with a tilt plate – an excellent add-on. It’s a “tiny” change (oh I made a product pun!”) but makes it all the difference when placing the camera.

Additionally, OBSbot added a remote that doubles as a laser pointer. I’ll see how useful that is in action.

Smaller, but is it better?

Given the new model name: OBSbot Tiny 2 – I was hoping to see significant improvements. When reviewing OBSbot Tiny 4K, I outlined that OBSbot could have included a 4K60FPS option. Unfortunately, just like the previous model, the webcam comes with a resolution limit of 4K30FPS.

The lack of 4K60FPS is understandable. Streaming in 4K is still relatively rare and as OBSBot Tiny 2 uses the internal hardware of the webcam to manage tracking functions, supporting that and a more demanding video processing is hard to do. Even reviewed by me camera gimbals refused to track objects at 4K60FPS. For now, I’ll have to settle for other improvements that come with the latest model.

Video and audio

Just as I thought that the original OBSbot Tiny was doing a great job at capturing the video and audio, OBSbot Tiny 2 blurs the lines between webcams and digital cameras. When the scene is correctly lit, the captured video features excellent details and showcases how well the sensor exposes objects in the frame. This, combined with a fast focus, assures incredibly responsive performance for your livestreams and Zoom calls.

In more challenging conditions, OBSbot Tiny 2 still delivers. While grain in less lit areas is visible, the webcam does a very good job at capturing what’s important and leaving you with an image filled with details where it matters.


Microphones on OBSbot Tiny cameras were already very good. OBSbot Tiny 2 is no different. While it doesn’t feature advanced active noise cancellation like OLEAP Pilot, the audio recorded by the webcam is on pair with some microphones I have in my possession. Microphones on webcams usually suck, OBSbot Tiny 2 is easily the best webcam I tested when it comes to audio quality.

It picks up my voice from afar and when placed nearer to my face provides impressive clarity, volume levels and distortion-free sounds.

OnlyFans rejoice?

It’s cheeky to suggest this, but some of the tracking options in OBSbot webcam software really leave you wondering. I completely understand options like face tracking. I can get on board with dedicated hand tracking or desk mode. But options to track your lower body, upper body or headless tracking simply leave me wondering. Perhaps OBSbot wants to appeal to all markets. If anything, I’m all for it.

Once again, the tracking is simply awesome. It’s almost impossible to lose the camera and with the option to control various body parts, OBSbot Tiny 2 is poised to be the default choice for anyone who cares about their online presence. One of the more interesting features is a blend between the track mode and preset position, where OBSbot Tiny 2 enters a fixed angle as soon as the object enters a preset position and resumes tracking once the object is once again outside that frame.

Tracking hands is more tricky, as OBSbot Tiny 2 can jump from hand to hand despite options asking to select left and right hand for tracking. This works much better at a distance. Perhaps the webcam can identify arms as well as hands to aid the tracking.


Under the hood, OBSbot Tiny 2 is doing a lot of AI work to provide you with the best webcam experience. Algorithms are responsible not just for keeping you in frame, but also zooming in and cropping the image as you move around. Dedicated modes for whiteboard and desk presentation will focus on documents you want to present giving you the optimal settings for that. If another person joins the table with you, OBSbot Tiny 2 will make sure that the frame captures all people involved. All of this is available without a need for a button press. I’m impressed to see how far companies push AI to make mundane awesome.

Having all these modes is however very helpful when streaming is your priority. Without the time to spare for setting up individual shots and angles, cleverly positioned OBSbot Tiny 2 can do most of the legwork for you while keeping the most important things in the frame. Get 2 of these, and you have your entire live stream setup sorted.

OBSbot remote

Having a dedicated remote to control your webcam is a great move. The remote comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle and it’s essentially a HID device that triggers software macros. The buttons bring an array of useful options – from switching preset positions to swapping between cameras. It’s very practical and comes with a laser pointer. Will you justify its £49 price point?

Everything that is present on the OBSbot remote is available through OBS webcam software and through keyboard shortcuts. So the remote will benefit folks who need to control the camera without being in the vicinity of the computer.

New… voice controls

Although OBSbot Tiny 2 works without any software (including gestures and tracking) there is one more surprise under its sleeve. OBSbot Tiny 2 comes with very reliable voice controls. What’s even better, they also work without any need for the OBSbot software. I can wake the camera with a voice command, ask it to track me and send it to sleep once I’m done.


  • Hi, Tiny (wake-up)
  • Sleep, Tiny (go to sleep)
  • Track Me (tracking enabled)
  • Unlock Me (tracking disabled)
  • Zoom in Closer (zoom in)
  • Position 1/2/3 (move to preset)
  • Zoom out further (zoom out)

OBS webcam software is already known to me thanks to previous webcams, but with OBSbot Tiny 2 it brings new options as well. Apart from typical image settings, now options include AI-assisted processing. AI blur and face filters aren’t anything new, but OBSbot webcam software comes with sliders that adjust the shape of the body. That’s one way I could fix my chunky posture without hitting the gym.

I’m not sure how I feel about the body-altering options, but if this makes people who are unhappy with themselves more comfortable during video calls etc – I’m glad it’s there.


Another new (to me) option is OSC. It’s a control interface which works over UDP/TCP connections. OBSbot Tiny 2 can be controlled via a custom touch interface composed in something like TouchOSC – a software to build custom touch interfaces. The setup is relatively easy, especially since OBSbot webcam software comes with presets to try in TouchOSC. Anyone with streaming aspirations could take advantage of this and build an insanely practical control panel for their streams instead of relying on OBSbot-provided software, remote or voice controls.

Final thoughts

OBSbot Tiny 2 is an excellent recommendation for anyone who would like to have an awesome webcam attached to the computer and is not afraid of the £269 price tag. Where I’m struggling to recommend the camera is to the existing OBSbot Tiny 4K owners. As the previous model is simply good enough. AI features are nice but with some clever hot-keys, you can get away without an upgrade for a while. The good news is that you can use more than one OBSbot Tiny at once – and level up your streaming setup. Let me know what you think about this webcam in this Reddit thread.

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