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Too much tech, not enough health

Few words on what's going on with me.

This post should be called ‘not enough painkillers’ really, but I will come up with something more creative eventually. It’s the 3rd day in a hospital. The first day I’m able to think straight ever since I got here, and the day I hope to get released. I’m still in a quarantine though, which involves pissing into bottles and taking a bath in the cereal-bowl sized sink.

Wait, what?

Keeping the long story short I have been ill since 29th and I ended up in hospital on the 7th Jan. As I’m able to write this, I probably spoiled the dramatic ending I should be ok in the end (as they say, if it’s not OK at the end, it’s not the end yet!). However I’m not a doctor, there might be an unexpected plot twist somewhere.

I’m yet to speak to a doctor about my diagnosis as I wasn’t able to have a meaningful conversation without a killer dose of codeine. My brain would rather implode than allow any form of communication other than ‘AAAAARH‘. Currently, the worst is behind me, but I still don’t know what was wrong with me, to begin with. Perhaps the worst is not behind me then? I have watched too many episodes of ER I guess.

As you can imagine I was in no position to write, review or keep the promised schedule on my tutorials etc. It’s gonna be a few days before I get my voice back – so things that need videos – will wait even longer. Only because I can write a semi-coherent sentence, doesn’t mean I can say it out loud without coughing my lungs out.

I’m still locked inside my VIP room. I have been put into a quarantine due to some concerns, not sure what are those, as I’ve yet to talk about my condition. Three days in, and I have no proper diagnosis, no one talked to me about the x-rays, multiple blood tests or ECG. At least I really hope they have an idea, as I have been confidently fed piles of tablets (the drug types, not the fancy giveaway gadgets). I’d like to think that, the medicine has been purposefully picked, rather than lucky dipping a bunch and see what’s works

In their defence, they are an overworked bunch. NHS crisis is serious and I waited almost 7h to get a bed in the hospital. The most important thing is I feel better than I have been.

Talk to me tech, not germs

I do tech, so in my desperate attempt to keep this post relevant, I will tell you what tech I took with me to the hospital. Because, of course, I would pack my bag like a tech idiot, who needs spare pants in hospital. It’s all about the teraflops in your travel luggage!

The laptop

I don’t watch TV, I thought this could be my entertainment. Its the first time I’m actually using this darn thing. It’s also probably the last time as well. If I’m fit to sit up and type, I’m probably fit to go and recover at home. Now, that I’m actually thinking about it, this post is the justification for bringing it with me. Otherwise, the computer would stay in the bag untouched.

Google Pixel

Probably the most common item to take. All your lovely messages came through on that small screen, providing me with the much-needed distraction from pain. My data plan isn’t anything amazing, but due to holidays I had few gigs left and I even watched a little bit of youtube. I’m tethering currently, which is another plus for a mobile phone + laptop combination.  WiFi in hospitals is at the premium.

Aukey power bank + cables

I got both, the cables and power bank to write a review about it. It’s a 20.000mAh monstrosity and it’s made for the situations like this. I didn’t even take my phone charger with me. Cables are nice as well. An extreme way to test your gadgets, hope you will enjoy the review.


My wife actually gave me a weird look when I grabbed the Sennheiser PXC550 packing myself up for the hospital. They are big, but noise cancelling is seriously good. I know I gonna sound harsh, but the last thing you need when you are in pain is hearing other people suffering. Hospitals are full of these noises, and they are not made of screams, it’s the quiet moans, the panic buttons every 5 min, the coughs. I feel for every single one of them, but since I’m not able to help them, I best focus on how I can make myself the least of the nuisance for others.

Things I didn’t pack?

A toothbrush… it didn’t matter at first, as up until now, my jaw was in pain and it felt like each tooth begged me to get extracted. Now, that the pain is gone, my mouth feel violated. I better get up and see if I can get one from a nurse or something. Also, I could really use more socks.

If you unfortunate enough to go to the hospital, but fortunate enough to grab few things get the:

  • mobile phone with a decent data allowance
  • power bank – the bigger the better
  • noise cancelling headphones
  • a toothbrush and spare socks
  • also, pack a t-shirt or two and comfy pants

Again, thanks to all who reached out via social media. It helped a great deal to keep saner! See you soon in full health. It’s nearly 6 am I should try to get some sleep.


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