Support NotEnoughTECH and get a sweet looking t-shirt!

Support me and get yourself a unique shirt. I’m going to start with Tasker designs and every few weeks I will be changing the designs to keep things fresh. The t-shirts can be customized in the order form, so go and check it out.

Tasker – t-shirts

Prototype! The final design will be 75% bigger to cover more area.

I’m starting this off with three Tasker designs. You can get yours and support me at the same time. I hope you will find the price to be reasonable and you will appreciate the rather specific humor :). These are not cheap printed out designs…

These are…

100% hand-made, designed by me tees! Each t-shirt has been hand painted, it’s wash resistant and the design will survive years (unlike printed ones). I have been making T-shirts for over 10 years, so you can totally trust my craft! In addition to a unique design, you get the amazing feeling of being a great supporter.

How to order:

Use Google Form below to submit the order. Pay attention to the score points  – they will tell you the final price in (number of points = price in GBP). There is a ‘View Score’ option on the last screen – it will tell you the final price for the design. The prices shown on the pictures are for a default configuration. Questions will help you customize the design. Submit the form and I will email you back with the shipping info and final bill. At the moment only PayPal payments are accepted.


Once I know where in the world you are, I will calculate the shipping for you. You can find the estimated price using price finder. It’s should be between £5 – £11 for worldwide shipping (depending on the speed of delivery).


I should be able to finish and dispatch your t-shirt within 7 days. This account for the fact I’m away from home for work 4 days, I need to pick up a T-shirt in the correct size and create the design. You will receive an email confirmation with the estimated shipping date within 24h from completing the payment.


Just ask…