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Limited Edition T-shirts – Support NotEnoughTECH

Just look at that SWAG!

Support NotEnoughTECH and get a sweet looking t-shirt!

Support me and get yourself a unique shirt. I’m going to start with Tasker designs and every few weeks I will be changing the designs to keep things fresh. The t-shirts can be customized in the order form, so go and check it out.

Tasker – t-shirts

Prototype! The final design will be 75% bigger to cover more area.

I’m starting this off with three Tasker designs. You can get yours and support me at the same time. I hope you will find the price to be reasonable and you will appreciate the rather specific humor :). These are not cheap printed out designs…

These are…

100% hand-made, designed by me tees! Each t-shirt has been hand painted, it’s wash resistant and the design will survive years (unlike printed ones). I have been making T-shirts for over 10 years, so you can totally trust my craft! In addition to a unique design, you get the amazing feeling of being a great supporter.

How to order:

Use Google Form below to submit the order. Pay attention to the score points  – they will tell you the final price in (number of points = price in GBP). There is a ‘View Score’ option on the last screen – it will tell you the final price for the design. The prices shown on the pictures are for a default configuration. Questions will help you customize the design. Submit the form and I will email you back with the shipping info and final bill. At the moment only PayPal payments are accepted.


Once I know where in the world you are, I will calculate the shipping for you. You can find the estimated price using price finder. It’s should be between £5 – £11 for worldwide shipping (depending on the speed of delivery).


I should be able to finish and dispatch your t-shirt within 7 days. This account for the fact I’m away from home for work 4 days, I need to pick up a T-shirt in the correct size and create the design. You will receive an email confirmation with the estimated shipping date within 24h from completing the payment.


Just ask…


Nothing says "Thank you" better than keeping my coffee jar topped up!


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