Google Home Mini – Black Friday Sale £34! – unboxing

Hello Google, Cortana, Alexa... I feel like I have so many friends!

It’s Black Friday and an email dropped in from Google tempting me into a £34 purchase! As it happened, Google paid me for my videos the day before and I can actually spend some of it (it’s not millions yet and I have to pay Adobe and Godaddy their ransom too)! Here is the box! It’s the Google Home Mini! Looks like My Amazon Echo Dot has a direct competition. Expect some tutorials and videos about the smart speaker soon!

Google Home Mini – unboxing

As usual, all the videos like this are not planned. This video also got flagged as being incredibly cross with advertisers. Looking through the automatic captions, the only thing I could think of was the TNT truck pulling up near my house. Google, you are so stupid sometimes!

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Anyhow, enjoy this video. It shows you a startup of the speaker. I will write more what I think about Alexa vs Google Assistant in the feature. For now, I will enjoy the Google Home Mini.

One of the immediate benefits it’s the ability to stream my music library. Something only Google Home Mini can do. Alexa has no access to it, unfortunately.

Enjoy the video, let me know on social media if you are getting one!