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NotEnoughTech, channel trailer, sponsorship & Patreon

I want to change my motto to "Regular and 100% excellent"

Hi all!

This is not your usual tutorial/project post. Fear not, I have PLENTY of things lined up, some of them already queueing to game the YouTube demons (this is how I gonna call the demonetisation of the videos).  This is a short post just to let you know whats’s up.

Channel trailer

There is a new channel trailer. A little-lighthearted look at what I do. Slapping a 10 min advanced tutorial was not the way to attract new people! Feel free, to let me know what you think about it! I’m trying to experiment a little bit with videos, but don’t worry the regular tutorials are not going anywhere!

I hope you noticed an increase in content recently, I was testing how much time I could possibly put in towards the website. It’s hard juggling 50h working week (4 days away from home) and catching up with the website, private life and everything else. Apart from the regular content, I will start making reviews videos (something that was only available on this website), a regular show and perhaps a podcast.


I’m happy to announce that Banggood.com reached out to me and is sponsoring my 2 next projects. I’m super excited, and you should see the posts associated with it soon! Also, I have also a partnership with ‘robot people’ at KumanTech.com, I hope to showcase more robotics for you as well!

These will be better fleshed out tutorials, hopefully also more entertaining to watch as well. I finally got the University Associate title, which means I can access my local Hackspace 24/7. Previously, I was only able to do so during the office hours (which I often work through).


It’s a big ask, I know. While it’s cool to get some DIY kits and a speaker to review, I have to pay the bills. There are two ways to do this:

  • The usual way includes me vanishing for 4 days doing my regular work (I work away from home, so can’t do anything NotEnoughTech related) which would feed me, pay the servers and hopefully get me a holiday once a while.
  • Try to change the NotEngouhTech into a full-time occupation. While I can’t drop everything tomorrow (that would equal to homeless, divorced and internetless) I would work towards securing a passive income while decreasing the number of hours spent at work.

I secured Patreon username over a year ago, but it never felt right to use it. I think I’m serious about what I want to do in the future and I need your help. I see it as a temporary solution until my website/YouTube is big enough to support its self from various professional deals. While Patreon is active I will use the funds to:

  • Secure better equipment
  • Move out from my tiny office to a spacious garage (needs heating/lights/sockets/internet)
  • Sponsor projects that are not sponsored by other companies
  • Turn full time (& hire camera person – but that’s an end goal really)

If supporting me directly is not something you can afford right now, it’s OK. I won’t hold any of my content to ransom. Patrons get to enjoy small rewards, but ultimately all end up in on my website available to anyone. Take a look, it’s free to look!

The YouTube videos are currently held as unlisted for a few days to combat the YouTube demons, as such videos are available early through the Patreon account as a reward. It’s either this or get no ad money at all. Thank you so much for your support, I appreciate it. Hope the Patreon thing won’t make you feel excluded. Take a look at Support Me page for more direct support options. Get in touch via social media if you want to share your feedback. I’m always listening!



Nothing says "Thank you" better than keeping my coffee jar topped up!


Support me on Patreon and get an early access to tutorial files and videos.


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