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Arduino starter kit is here

Winner winner chicken cake?

Some time ago, I got an invitation to join a website called instructables.com. I came across this website few times in my googling sessions in the past, looking for some answers, but never actually published anything there. Long story short, I have made a project called Wireless Doorbell, and I have added my entry to a contest. 2 of them to be precise.  You can have a look at what it does here:

After not getting anywhere in the 1st contest about RPI I was slightly disappointed, but hey, this was my 1st project with the RPI, and I should not expect miracles.  2nd contest had 800+ entries, and I don’t know how this happened, (probably thanks to my subscribers) my entry was voted for and got to the final stage.  I got a 2nd prize and it has arrived today!

Sadly cake and coffee was something I had to sponsor myself
Sadly cake and coffee was something I had to sponsor myself

I know nothing about Arduino (yet!)

I’m extremely happy to be an owner of a starter kit. It contains startup items and a big manual. There is 15 projects to go through and at this point I’m considering adding it here. All of this makes me also aware, that I need to brush up on my electronics knowledge (something I have heard about at school, 15 years ago) as at the moment I feel more confident writing in python than adding a resistor to a LED.

2016 - 1

Excitement is even bigger, as I was looking into some projects with servos and motors, and kit contains it all! Could someone more experienced let me know what are the key benefits of using Arduino vs RPI?  I know already about memory constraints on the boards, but I would like to get an educated input before I start googling the stuff myself.

The real difficulty for me will be not to spread myself too thin. I’m still interested in Tasker, automation, RPI, and about to add the Arduino.  This, my 12h shift work, love for cycling, games and family life makes me feel like I will miss my bed a lot!


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Programable, ESP32 based awesome dev platform with 4.7 e-ink display by M5Stack

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