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OBSBOT Tiny 4K vs Tiny 2

Win one of 2 awesome OBSBOT webcams

In my review of OBSBOT Tiny 2, I compared the latest webcam from OBSBOT and the previous model – OBSBOT Tiny 4K. Since then, OBSBOT asked me to give my official recommendation for both models and give a couple of them away, so you can enjoy a high-quality online presence too! After all, OBSBOT Tiny 2 is my go-to camera for live-stream production!

Clear winner?

I will start with the conclusion, which is unusual for my articles. There are no clear winners here. You can’t go wrong with either of the webcams. OBSBOT Tiny 2 is only a clear winner if the price isn’t a consideration. As life is more complicated, I’ll try to outline what the official price difference of £40 could get you and whether you should shoot for perfection (OBSBOT Tiny 2) or settle for excellent value for money (OBSBOT Tiny 4K).

But first, let me tell you how you can win one of these webcams!

The OBSBOT giveaway

OBSbot was kind enough to provide and fulfil the giveaway of:

I will organise the live stream and pick the winners at random. If you want to participate, add your details to the form below, to be taken into consideration.

Congratulations to Mike W from UK on winning OBSBOT Tiny 2 and Asheley H from South Africa on winning OBSBOT Tiny 4K

Shared features

Regardless of which product you pick, both offer unparalleled, for webcam, video quality and tracking. OBSBOT Tiny 2 and OBSBOT Tiny 4K bring responsive target tracking and zooming options, upgraded resolution of 1080p60/4K30 and gesture controls for the times when you are not near the keyboard.


Resolution aside, the sheer size of the image sensor, assures that both webcams will provide a high-quality image even in insufficiently light-up scenes. This was always a game-changer, as OBSBOT products matched the video performance of my compact DSLR – at a fraction of the price. The difference is so stark, that switching over from my Asus Zephyrous Duo – a £2499 laptop which is equipped with a 720p potato camera (I still can’t believe how poor that camera is) to OBSBOT Tiny 4k or Tiny 2 simply blows my mind. If you care about how your feed looks like – both options are simply excellent.

I was quick to dismiss OBSBOT’s built-in microphones. Before I ran into the brand, each webcam I used simply sucked at audio. Both webcams bring unparalleled audio performance too. I never had to think about my audio setup again during the livestreams.


In both cases, OBSBOT webcams use the gimbal to track your position, which for obvious reasons is far superior to digital tracking often associated with a huge loss of quality. What’s even better, both cameras use internal hardware to resolve the tracking and do not rely on the computer’s software to do it. This in turn releases PC resources (you can have excellent tracking on a webcam connected to a potato) and use OBSbot products without any external software.

OBSBOT Tiny 4k and Tiny 2 are simply excellent at keeping you in frame and automatically adjusting zoom levels to keep you as the main focus of the video. I had to go out of my way to lose the track (but simply trying to outrun the gimbal max movement speed). Just remember, there is no going outside of the frame when the stream is live so manage that carefully, otherwise, you could be sharing things, you are not supposed to!

Software is just a cherry on top. OBSBOT software supports multiple webcams at the same time and offers options to control all camera features, add presets and more. It’s intuitive and can live in the background of whatever application you use to share the feed. It’s perfect for the times when you can’t use hand gestures to change the mode, or you want to reposition the camera manually.

Where OBSBOT Tiny 2 shines

An extra £40 pays for better low-light performance, faster focus and picture quality. While both webcams bring the same resolution (1080p/60, 4K30), the bigger image sensor in OBSBOT Tiny 2 and faster optics make the difference. I was simply blown out of the water when setting up my podcast for SmartHomeCollective, as for the first time I felt like a premium podcaster – something that was instantly noticed and complemented by the host.

Improved focus was also a game changer. As a person who often presents new gadgets held in my hands on my live stream, I used to rely on a separate camera for close-ups. Thanks to OBSBOT Tiny 2, I can simply show the item in question in front of the camera and the focus changes without a delay. It’s by far one of the biggest improvements of the OBSbot Tiny 2.

Lastly, there are tracking options on OBSBOT Tiny 2 not available for the 4K edition. They don’t bring anything new to my workflow, as exotic selections like tracking your lower body or headless – exist to cater to a limited number of use cases. But voice controls are neat and help to control the scenes and functions available in your fancy webcam.

Final Thoughts

Considering the price difference, OBSBOT Tiny 2 offers a lot for that extra £40, but all the essential functions to have a really good live stream are available on both models. I realise dropping £229 on a webcam isn’t something everyone can afford, but with a good promotional discount and a promise of excellent performance you can’t go wrong with either of the products. There is more, while I’m sharing my thoughts on these brilliant webcams, I’m playing with OBSBOT Tail Air – a game-changer for anyone who makes content. Keep your eyes peeled. Questions? Here is the Reddit thread for it!

🆓📈💵 – See the transparency note for details.

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