Tasker Tasker Plugins Overview

Tasker Plugins Overview


Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant (with Tasker integration)

If you are a Tasker fan and own a smart watch, you are probably aware of AutoWear. However useful it is, it's  not going...

Wake On LAN – Tasker Plugin

While playing with the Tasker PC control project I came across the Wake On LAN app. The older one I used was working, but...

AutoRemote – Tasker plugin

One of the easiest ways to communicate between different devices using Tasker is AutoRemote. Thanks to this AutoApps plugin you can send a toast...

Tasker Twilight plugin – Use the Sun as a context

Until this plugin, my screen brightness has been regulated by a time-sensitive context. It was working great until the summer turned into a winter...

Material Design Icons – Tasker plugin

Perhaps I should specify this: this is not a Tasker exclusive plugin. It is an app which, in my opinion, enhances Tasker in a...

AutoVoice – custom voice commands and regex groups

I have received few inquiries about the AutoVoice regex groups. I decided to put together very quick tutorial how to approach the commands like...

AutoTools – Tasker plugin

AutoTools is another popular plugin for Tasker made by Joao Dias - the developer behind all AutoApps. It is a Swiss knife to android...

How to use AutoVoice

You are probably familiar with how to use plugins, therefore I won't bore you with the details and jump into the meaty part! AutoVoice...

Other Tasker articles

Tasker and NodeRED – Streamlining notification system

From the previous write up we know I can use Tasker and NodeRED together. I want to have a very efficient and easy way...

Tasker Smart NavBar #6 Music controller

Control music playback directly from the NavBar using this dynamic smart NavBar Music actions.

How to control your PC like a boss – Tasker Project

I'm leaving to China for two weeks, and apart from an amazing adventure, I will be stripped of the access to Google services, Facebook...

Smart Loyalty and Reward Cards – Tasker project

Every one of us enjoys a good VIP treatment, whether it is loyalty program or extra points we get to spend now and then....

Tasker PC control – #Tutorial 3 (Apps menu)

We know how to set up this framework from part one, we also set up the volume controls in part two. Time to open...