Tasker Tasker Plugins Overview

Tasker Plugins Overview


Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant (with Tasker integration)

If you are a Tasker fan and own a smart watch, you are probably aware of AutoWear. However useful it is, it's  not going...

Wake On LAN – Tasker Plugin

While playing with the Tasker PC control project I came across the Wake On LAN app. The older one I used was working, but...

AutoRemote – Tasker plugin

One of the easiest ways to communicate between different devices using Tasker is AutoRemote. Thanks to this AutoApps plugin you can send a toast...

Tasker Twilight plugin – Use the Sun as a context

Until this plugin, my screen brightness has been regulated by a time-sensitive context. It was working great until the summer turned into a winter...

Material Design Icons – Tasker plugin

Perhaps I should specify this: this is not a Tasker exclusive plugin. It is an app which, in my opinion, enhances Tasker in a...

AutoVoice – custom voice commands and regex groups

I have received few inquiries about the AutoVoice regex groups. I decided to put together very quick tutorial how to approach the commands like...

AutoTools – Tasker plugin

AutoTools is another popular plugin for Tasker made by Joao Dias - the developer behind all AutoApps. It is a Swiss knife to android...

How to use AutoVoice

You are probably familiar with how to use plugins, therefore I won't bore you with the details and jump into the meaty part! AutoVoice...

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Mobile notifications for 3D Printers

Create awesome mobile notifications for 3D Printers. Treat any printer supporting Octoprint to an awesome mobile makeover.

Tasker gets a major update

Tasker Update brings 5.7 features to the public channel!

A better way to store Tasker credentials

I do Tasker tutorials, I also share the files for you to download. This means I have to be very careful what information I...

Tasker – Smart sleep profile

How do you sleep at night? The unwritten rule of the household of mine is to keep your devices quiet once you get to bed....

Make use of Join custom commands

Join App by Joao Dias adds new features each week, it's hard to catch up sometimes. While the big deal for me was the...