Sonoff Zigbee Bridge – preview

Sonoff line up will soon include Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and more Zigbee sensors - here is the first look

In case RF433 isn’t going away – Sonoff RF bridge

Turn RF433 Sonoff devices into IoT smart gadgets with Sonoff RF bridge

Sonoff D1 Dimmer – an improved design?

I'm playing with Sonoff D1 dimmer. A new product from ITEAD team to toggle and dim your lights on request

Sonoff IP Camera (GK-200MP2-B) – but can you flash it with...

Sonoff IP Camera - yes, not a switch, not a socket but RTSP enabled IP camera under $30

No Tasmota needed – Sonoff Basic R3 Zigbee

Does Sonoff Basic R3 Zigbee needs Tasmota? Testing the smart switch with Zigbee interface from Itead guys

Sonoff Basic R3 teardown (Zigbee, RF & WiFi)

Sonoff Basic R3 comes in 3 variants, WiFi RF and Zigbee. It;s time to take it apart and talk about the differences.

News: Sonoff Basic ZBR3, Zigbee & Tasmota 7.1

There is a new thing that Sonoff and Tasmota have in common: Zigbee

Sonoff Mini vs Shelly 1

Which smart switch is better for your home? Sonoff Mini vs Shelly 1

Sonoff Mini – great switch, but…

Sonoff Mini comes with DIY mode and lets you control your lights via wall switch as well as the internet

Sonoff R3 DIY mode & why it sucks

Long awaited Sonoff R3 DIY mode is even worse than I expected.