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Tasker Smart NavBar #4 NFC lights controller

Create a dynamic NavBar that works with NFC and lets you control all smart devices!

A word or 400 about NodeRED’s context explorer

I was not aware of the NodeRED's context explorer, so I want to make sure your life with NodeRED is as easy...

Washing machine notifications – making “dumb” machine “smart”

Learn how to add washing machine notifications to your Google Home on the cheap

Flashing Tasmota on Sonoff POW R2

Flashing Tasmota on Sonoff POW R2.

Hands on: Sonoff POW R2

What is the Sonoff POW R2 all about? Let's see what can you do with it.

Preserving variables in NodeRED

Save precious data in NodeRED! Don't let it get wiped by the server restart and learn how to preserve variables in NodeRED.

IKEA Trådfri Gateway sucks little less from today

I have been clearing my mobile notifications this morning when I spotted an update to the IKEA Trådfri app. I talked about what you...

A “goodnight” button – MiHome switch it all and more

I'm not going to lie, there are many times I ended up in bed "accidentally" then absolutely hated getting back up and...

Goodbye “bigtimer” node… [for now] – NodeRED sun and time

From time to time, I get a crazy idea of changing something small in my automation setup. Usually, an idea like that drags me...

Things they don’t tell you about IKEA Trådfri

I got a couple of IKEA Trådfri kits and the Gateway. I covered the "out of the box" functionality in this post. During my tests,...

NodeRED for beginners


NodeRED for beginners: 7. Tips & Tricks

That's the last post of this series with a couple of tips and tricks you might find handy while building your own flows. These...

NodeRED for beginners: 6. Function node

The Function Node is one of the most useful nodes in NodeRED. It's a javascript editor which doesn't do much unless you tell it...

NodeRED for beginners: 5. Connectivity

I explained how to process the data in the last tutorial, its time to learn how to send the data to NodeRED and how...

NodeRED for beginners: 4. Data Processing

If you made your first flow already, you know that data is passed between each node. If you want to see this in a simplified example,...

NodeRED for beginners: 3. Your First Flow

We talked about why you should get NodeRED in the first place, and how to get started with NodeRED, now it's time for your...