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Retrofit Smart Door on a budget

Retrofit "smart" into your door on a budget - introducing DIY Smart door

Goodbye gBridge, gBridge alternatives

As the gBridge shutdown is imminent, it's time to look for gBridge alternatives.

Retrofitting smart heating with Google Assistant & Alexa

Retrofitted, smart heating system for any home!

Google Assistant and NodeRED integration

Until now, it was nearly impossible to add the NodeRED devices to Google Home. Thanks to gBridge, Google Assistant and NodeRED integration is simple!

Washing machine notifications – making “dumb” machine “smart”

Learn how to add washing machine notifications to your Google Home on the cheap

Google Home – Location Sharing: ETA & distance

Google Home - Location sharing tutorial sparked a discussion about what other functions could be added to that system. The immediate response was to add...

Google Home – Location Sharing

When it comes to location sharing, Google Maps got you covered. What if you don't fancy taking your phone out then navigating through the...

Phone call quality with Google Home Mini

The race is on. Google Home joins the ranks of the smart speakers capable of calling people in the UK. I figured I have...

Test your internet speed with Google Home

Not everyone owns a Fingbox to get the internet speed test results emailed to your inbox. By default, Google Home speakers can't test...

Google Home Notifications Tutorial

Each time I say "Hey Google" I feel slightly awkward, less if no one is around, as using voice commands in public is as...

NodeRED for beginners


NodeRED for beginners: 7. Tips & Tricks

That's the last post of this series with a couple of tips and tricks you might find handy while building your own flows. These...

NodeRED for beginners: 6. Function node

The Function Node is one of the most useful nodes in NodeRED. It's a javascript editor which doesn't do much unless you tell it...

NodeRED for beginners: 5. Connectivity

I explained how to process the data in the last tutorial, its time to learn how to send the data to NodeRED and how...

NodeRED for beginners: 4. Data Processing

If you made your first flow already, you know that data is passed between each node. If you want to see this in a simplified example,...

NodeRED for beginners: 3. Your First Flow

We talked about why you should get NodeRED in the first place, and how to get started with NodeRED, now it's time for your...