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The coolest heatsink for Raspberry Pi 4

Add RPM and RGB controls to 52pi ICE Tower Heatsink for Raspberry PI 4

Slow Internet Warning

From time to time my Internet grinds to a stop. Since Raspberry Pi 4 comes with a 1Gbps Ethernet, I decided to take advantage of it and create a reporting system in NodeRED that will monitor and report when the ISP is not keeping the contractual agreements. Works with Alexa, Google Home, Android and Windows 10.

How fast Raspberry Pi NAS is?

Let's see how fast Raspberry Pi NAS really is?

USBerry PI -USB Raspberry Pi Zero on the go!

From time to time, I log online to window shop. We all have expensive guilty pleasures, right? I share things that catch my eye...

Making Music Pi: Amazon Echo Music streamer

Making Raspberry Pi 3A+ music streaming box has been a great challenge. In a nutshell, the project is very simple: to make something that can...

The most pointless upgrade to my NAS – Raspberry Pi 3B+

Two years ago, I built my first Raspberry Pi based NAS drive. NAS-pi - cutely named box has been serving the media via Plex,...

Creating Amazon Dash Yeelight remote

When I have seen perfectly referenced API that comes with Yeelight Smart bulbs I knew it's gonna be fun!  It took me some time...

Use Amazon Dash as smart light remote

I have talked about the Tasker and Yeelight integration before. The recent app update has broken few things. I have submitted my feedback to...

Raspberry Pi NAS: (NAS-pi) Plex, Samba, RAID1 and more #part7

What a journey it was! It's time for the last part of the Raspberry Pi NAS project. Raspberry Pi NAS - Setting up Open Media Vault Note,...

Raspberry Pi NAS: (NAS-pi) The Glue of The Universe #part6

For the first time, I was able to lift the box up without any pieces falling to the ground. That's right guys, it's glue...

More Raspberry Pi articles

LED modules for Raspberry PI, Arduino

One of the downsides of ordering your kits from China is poor labeling. The set came with a picture sheet of low quality, half...

Raspberry PI 2, 3, Zero & ZeroW GPIO explained

GPIO on your RPI explained!

The hassle free Raspberry Pi VPN – piVPN server

Setting up your own VPN server sounds complicated and time-consuming. It was at first, especially when you are trying to do this from China...

Cooling Raspberry Pi 4 with 52pi Power Board

Raspberry Pi 4 can run hot! Do you really need a massive cooling stack to keep all 4 cores in check? I'm testing the board thermals with a passive heatsink and 30mm fan included in 52pi Power Board

Mobile notifications for 3D Printers

Create awesome mobile notifications for 3D Printers. Treat any printer supporting Octoprint to an awesome mobile makeover.