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Fingbox: network security tool – unboxing

I love the Fing app, let's see if I will like the Fingbox!

If you troubleshoot your local network a lot, you probably came across the Fing app before. It’s my favourite network tool and I talked about it before. The app allows you to scan the network and see what is what. It’s free and comes with a lot of options. Earlier this year 20.000 preordered Fingbox devices have been shipped to backers after a successful Indiegogo campaign. I reached out to the Fing.io and asked if they would be interested sending me one for review. The box has arrived last night, and I have a short video with unboxing, set up and a short play about.

What is FingBox?

Fingbox is the plug & play device that helps you secure and troubleshoot your home network from anywhere. Controlled entirely from within the Fing app, Fingbox helps you protect your home network against threats, limit internet access, block devices, track who is online, detect intruders and malicious devices, improve network performance and so much more.

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I’m going to test the device further over the next few days, before writing a full review. If you have any questions or would you like me to test something – let me know via social channels! I will be more than happy to do this and include it in my review of the product. I’m expecting to have a full review ready in a week or so!


This product has been sponsored, but I reserve the rights to a honest and unbiased opinion about the product.

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