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Sonoff NSPanel Pro is missing everything!

Today, on "how not to launch a product" we revisit a launch firmware for Sonoff NSPanel Pro - a new smart panel from ITEAD that looked very cool at first...
Sonoff ZigBee Bridge Pro

What’s so “PRO” about Sonoff ZigBee Bridge Pro

Sonoff brings a new Zigbee hub to the market. With support up to 128 sub-devices, let's see what else is pro about Sonoff ZigBee Bridge Pro

One design for all window fixtures? Zemismart ZigBee Driver

Zemismart brings a modular, battery-powered ZigBee drivers for blinds, verticals and now for curtains as well. Let's see if you should get these!

Quiet 3D printing  – what a sound idea!

Is it possible to turn Creality Ender series 3D printer into a completely silent 3D printing experience? How quiet can I get? Let's find out!

Running Octoprint on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W

Are you wondering if #PiZero2W is good enough to stream 1080p over WiFi? Or are you able to connect everything through USB hub? Are there any advantages of using Raspberry Pi cameras? These and more questions are answered in this video.

Getting started with Sonoff ZIGBEE 3.0 USB DONGLE PLUS

Testing Sonoff ZIGBEE 3.0 USB DONGLE PLUS against CC2531 and zzh (electrolama) - is it the best upgrade to your Zigbee network?

Tuya SDK for beginners: Intro to Tuya Cloud API

Working with Tuya Cloud API. A guide to Cloud automation for beginners, get started with REST!

WFH? Do yourself a favour and look after your back with Atumtek

Look after your bank and it will say thank you - review of Atumtek ATMS032 monitor arm

Android Power Menu for your DIY smart home

DIY Power Menu in Android 11 - cloudless with NodeRED automation for your ultimate smart home integration

DeskPi Pro – Raspberry Pi 4 case for PC enthusiasts

The most serious looking case for Raspberry Pi 4 is here - DeskPi Pro - bringing desktop experience to SBC!